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Recent Comments for 2394000770

Post by Gabriel,

2394000770 This number just called me -

Post by Mrs.Mohamed,

239-400-0770 I called this number back and with n a hr My X Husband calld me back - he's two towns away - i googled this number and it said he is n Florida - that's a bunch of BS - i just seen him yesyerday -

Post by Sandy,

2394000770 received phone calls from this number so far -  female voice - yrs old -  Insulting language

Post by blfoot,

239-400-0770 Got a call from this number stating i'd won ,; all i have todo is pay - for charges to have money wired to me

Post by Guest,

2394000770 Harassing phone calls

Post by Kayla,

239-400-0770 The number that called me was () - - They knew my name, and asked me if I could answers a few questions because they were the police - Apparently, they wanted me for questioning cause "I'd been caugh on surveillance stealing from a - in Oakridge on the th of July", which at the point, I knew it had to be a joke or a scam - But they kept harassing me, so I blocked them - They called at least times -

Post by abby,

2394000770 I've gotten two calls in the past minutes - And the first time it was kids they asked "would you like a titty transplant" I hung up - Then they called again - And said "do you suck dick?" I wanted to get a kick out of it so I said all the time - Their response scared me - They said " that's great to know, Abby"  I'm concerned as to how they know my name -

Post by Guest,

239-400-0770 I got a call from this number today - This guy bought a gold watch from me and I am still waiting from PayPal for my payment - He told me to give him my bank account information and he would deposit the funds in that matter - I don't think so - What do I need to do to file a complaint with this? I have the guys name -

Post by Guest,

2394000770 This man and another man keeps calling me to send him money threw western union saying that if i pay it i will get a large amount of money from Nigeria so i wanted to report this because the calls wont stop the other number they call from is -- and his name is Rev Tony Johnson do with this info as you need -

Post by Guest,

239-400-0770 this number called me at : am asking for my name and when I aksed what theirs was proceeded to tell me dont worry about it - sound like a young male who was intoxicated -

Post by mad,

2394000770 I didnt start receving calls from this number until I gave my number to a guy in Florida - Young black petite cute mid s early s male possibly Caribbean or African male he drove a grey Nissan altima  other number is a number

Post by Jeni,

239-400-0770 Man called regarding computer virus,what a complete scam Don't pick up, it can give you the chills - They even know my name - What's wrong with people - I aready have enough stress in my mind - What a garbage

Post by Lydia,

2394000770 I received and didn't answer the calls from this number -  Today, two calls from --, and then two calls from -+, all within hour -  No messages left -

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

2394000770 Scam

Post by Guest,

239-400-0770 can

Post by anonymous,

2394000770 received calls last name after MIDNIGHT i don't answer and they leave dead air voicemailsi just blocked the number at this point

Post by Guest,

239-400-0770 Iwant this to stop our I will see ur company thats final

Post by help you out,

2394000770 If this number -- appears on your caller id, it is indeed a caller using the "Magic Jack" phone service -

Post by Guest,

239-400-0770 This is an internet call - Anyone can use it - Actually my friend called me from it and pranked me - So it's used by multiple internet users - Anyone can do it

Post by Yvonne Jimenez,

2394000770 received a call from this number stating my email is being used in China and Liberia for illegal activity he also gave me my email address also told me that my IP address and profile has been stolen my identity in China and Liberia of course I hung up on them and block their number -

Post by ethan,

239-400-0770 there is a free app on google play called free calls with magic jack so thats who is calling you it is a non callback number

Post by Guest,

2394000770 This number is used by a man claiming to Be in the service he is also using a google voice number also

Post by Tess,

239-400-0770 He has used the alias Terry or Robert on various dating sites, he's nothing but a scam artist & con man -  Do not believe a word this man says -  He is supposedly a structural engineer & he is just trying to get money from you -

Post by Guest,

2394000770 Keep getting calls from this number and also a phone number In supposedly United Kingdom - They want to give me back a refund but first I have to spend - in order to get this refund - Obviously, it's a scam - I have filed a complaint with Illinois Attorney General's office - If others are getting calls, you should also file complaints - Maybe if many complaints are filed throughout the States, someone will go something to investigate -

Post by Guest,

239-400-0770 The guy wants my debit card number

Post by Granny,

2394000770 Yes I believe you are right - They text me and call at crazy hours - am whose up then ? Want money they say I owe - Or will send cops to my house - I say go for it - Lol - Bring on the cops - I believe they are trying to get money

Post by Billy,

239-400-0770 I got a call from this number at am and ad am - I am in Virginia and this comes up as florida - I thought that was wierd enough but I picked up thinking it may be an emergency so late at night - It was someone pretending to be my cousin saying hes in jail and needs bail money - Scammers -

Post by anonymous,

2394000770 oops meant last night

Post by ethan,

239-400-0770 there is a free app on google play called free calls with magic jack so thats who is calling you it is a non callback number

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