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Recent Comments for 2392574959

Post by Joanna smith,

2392574959 That same exact thing happend to me @ whynotme I called it back and it said the same magic jack thing that you heard

Post by Rebeca,

239-257-4959 please do somthing to this person i am in dalton ga this phone # call me times last time i answer it is a hispanic male sound like guatemalen persone he was asking me to send him money by wester union hen i said no he stared sayvery badwords an threting me an my family i do not know how but he even mention a neighbor -

Post by Guest,

2392574959 This number called times in a couple minutes - Never said anything - I called it back and someone picked up - No one spoke

Post by Guest,

239-257-4959 Called threatening me to hurt me

Post by Guest,

2392574959 Pay day loans scammers

Post by Dee,

239-257-4959 This guy kept calling said he was with a loan company in Florida - Told him that I was going to check the number and after I did, I told him that this was a scam and that I was reporting him - The guy had an oriental accent - I used Mr -Number to block him from my phone as spam -

Post by Andy,

2392574959 Indian call center now - Acting like they are giving refunds because Dr - PC is going out of business - It's an old scam pulled a few years back - They get you to log on and consent to a refund with all your info, but they charge you - They also call from -- -

Post by Guest,

239-257-4959 Dr - PC refund scam - Indian guys call offering a refund and want you to log on and enter you personal info for the refund -

Post by Guest,

2392574959 claimed I won the lottery, stole money from me - Don't take the call

Post by Roy,

239-257-4959 It's a girl name Lesanne calling from magic jack -  She calls for money all the time -  Here real number is --, I she's from the island

Post by Guest,

2392574959 Keeps calling and not saying nothing and whomever it is is calling me late nights

Post by karen,

239-257-4959 Must be a spam number that a bunch of nuts can use

Post by Guest,

2392574959 Calls continuously and wont talk - Call number back and they wont talk - If you hang up they just keep calling back over and over BLOCK this number if you have the ability to do so

Post by Guest,

239-257-4959 Magic jack don't answer emailed them to stop

Post by Guest,

2392574959 Dumbass

Post by Guest,

239-257-4959 These people are hackers - BEWARE -

Post by Guest,

2392574959 Called three times - Would not give name - Asked if I wanted to get to know him - I said no, don't call me again -

Post by jeff,

239-257-4959 Calling my underage son for nude pictures -

Post by Guest,

2392574959 These are grown ups trying to rip people off - They are not any of the previous people said to be - -how do I know you ask - -because I know of this immature guy - Just hang up and report him and his stupid drug addict girlfriends - They are to high to leave the house hence the reason for phone calls -DOT GREEN IS A COMPLETE SCAM WITH NO NO NO NO RECOURSE OF ACTION OR FEES RETURNED - Hang up and report him - I would of NEVER EVER known that he is this type of horrendous person if you people didn't report him -I'm soooooo glad that this app was created - I keep him more than an arms length of distance from me - It's disappointing to learn this is hin - Gook luck all - If you hang up your monies will be safe -

Post by Sam,

239-257-4959 It's a girl called Lesanne, with a thick accent - -please disconnect this number or block this number so much complaints in regards of this number

Post by Delia B. Perez,

2392574959 It was August , @ : a -m - when my cell phone rang as soon as I picked up who ever was on the other side hung up -

Post by karen,

239-257-4959 Must be a spam number that a bunch of nuts can use

Post by Guest,

2392574959 calls back to back playing on the phone

Post by judy,

239-257-4959 This  phone  number  is  a very  bad  scam do not  answer  I know  someone  who  was  scammed  out  of  thousands  of  dollars -

Post by Guest,

2392574959 Called and as soon as I picked up, the caller hung up - Blocked it -

Post by garbage calls,

239-257-4959 garbage calls ,lier calls

Post by Guest,

2392574959 Its Katrina shanice Williams playing on the phone

Post by saydr mae,

239-257-4959 Who is this number?? Has anyone Called it back??

Post by Guest,

2392574959 BLOCK

Post by Guest,

239-257-4959 Brooke pervert

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