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Recent Comments for 2347381901

Post by red,

2347381901 ring hang up

Post by SC,

234-738-1901 Called and got machine, but did not leave a message -  

Post by Guest,

2347381901 One ring then hang up

Post by Who Was It,

234-738-1901 calls phone never rang, cell just lite up saying incoming call, then hung up -  

Post by Ann Noid,

2347381901 From another info site: - -from a phone number in antiqua with the same thing - That phone number is also been reported as a scam since you call it back and they supposedly charge you a ridiculous fee -So - -Don't call this number back Called my cell - But then I only answer numbers I am sure of -

Post by Guest,

234-738-1901 Same thing -one ring to cell phone then it hangs up

Post by Guest,

2347381901 Rang time - It's a scam to get you to call back -

Post by Guest,

234-738-1901 Cell phone rings once and the call hangs up - I can only guess that it's a scam -

Post by scammers should get real jobs,

2347381901 Number called cell and didnt leave message two days ago several days after a known number from a Jamaican scam called as well -

Post by rita peckerman,

234-738-1901 rang times,hung up

Post by Guest,

2347381901 One Ring Hang up

Post by Guest,

234-738-1901 One ring - Hung up -

Post by Guest,

2347381901 Three calls on caller ID today, no messages - Looked up number to try to see who it was - This list indicates that many people have received scam calls too -

Post by Guest,

234-738-1901 Missed call - Didn't recognize -

Post by Andy,

2347381901 Called me @ : rang twice & hung up -

Post by Guest,

234-738-1901 One ring then hang up

Post by Guest,

2347381901 called and hung up

Post by Guest,

234-738-1901 Same here one ring and hang up

Post by Guest,

2347381901 Rang once I think it's a scam - Don't know anyone there -

Post by Guest,

234-738-1901 Rang once hang up not recognized -

Post by Guest,

2347381901 Called me and hung up when i answered

Post by Guest,

234-738-1901 Rang once, and then hung up - Stupid, dishonest scammers -

Post by kat246,

2347381901 Cell showed a missed call from this number but it never rang - - Did a reverse search - only showed "Akron, Ohio - Bandwidth -com - VOIP Line"  Didn't leave a message so I won't bother calling back - Lots of these calls lately -

Post by Guest,

234-738-1901 One ring then hang up

Post by Guest,

2347381901 One ring then hang up - - - - There is a scam going on with people who try to call the numbers back, but they were from a Caribbean number - -wonder if its the same thing -

Post by Josh,

234-738-1901 This could be a scam number to charge you for services on your cell phone - The area code shows up Nigeria Africa - Tell your cell phone service immediately And never call it backIts a scam

Post by Sarah,

2347381901 Got a call at PM - Rang once and hung up - Lately I've been getting random phone calls from across the US, they ring once, then hang up - I'm on the DNC list - I'm thinking a scam - I got a call last week from Barbados, cousins husband got the same call - Same thing - One ring, hung up - Don't know anyone in any of these areas that are calling -

Post by not happy,

234-738-1901 unwanted call

Post by Lovethebeach,

2347381901 Rang twice and hung up - No message left -

Post by Cibernetic,

234-738-1901 SKYPERang once and hung up - -no message left

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