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Recent Comments for 2347060447

Post by wed,

2347060447 he has a new number - -- - called me today asking me if im sexy and what type of panties im wearing??

Post by Guest,

234-706-0447 Have never had business with this company, no reason to contact me other than telemarketing -

Post by nickie,

2347060447 I keep getting strange text messages from this number - -

Post by Guest,

234-706-0447 about - calls within the last month or so i don't know if it is someone who i know - -

Post by Guest,

2347060447 Texting me - i dont know who its - and using a bad language Me envias mensajes de texto y no se quien es - -y usando un lenguaje malo

Post by Guest,

234-706-0447 Called my sister telling her a complaint charge was being filed against me in Fresno County

Post by Tracy,

2347060447 This person called me and told me I was randomly selected to receive in Federal Grant money that I DO NOT have to pay back but can use for anything I choose - (but they did warn and softly request that I not misuse the money -) HA HA  I asked "what's the hook"  they said nothing, just need a account # (checking, savings or CC) to deposit into -  I questioned the integrity of this call and offer, they got defensive and offered me the address from the US Treasury Dept, assured me that that is where they work and who they all calling for - - and they were just trying to help me out - Theatened to rescind the offer, if I was going to be so doubtful of their generosity -  Still laughing - - which upset them to a large degree -  Anyway I took the confirmation # down which I was directed not to give to anyone but this Kevin Foster (supposedly a supervisor in the verification dept at the Treasury dept -) and that I should call him immediately after this call -  OH and they said to keep trying to contact him if he didnt answer or if the phone was busy because Mr - Foster is a very busy man - Well, of course no answer - -I left a message -  Then I called from another #, no answer again, left another message -  Immediately after hanging up the phone rings and it's this Mr - Foster guy -  OH this is getting funny - He didn't like my attitude, threatened to rescind the offer and close the account - - told me that if this was a scam he would have taken my money of the CC already - Then he proceeded to tell me that in order for the to be deposited I had to donate to help some rd world and destitute individuals charity organization - I busted up Then he was really upset -  He asked me if I felt  that they didnt deserve help cause they were "rd world)  He probably got that jist from my comment -" you're telling me that the United States Goverunment has an Federal Grant just for me, which I do not have to pay back, but can use on anything I wish, just to please not spend frivolously if I will just st donate of MY money (that I dont have BTW) to some rd world country charity - - NOPE I dont think so

Post by Guest,

234-706-0447 looking for a girl named Channon - harassing phone calls

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