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Post by Guest,

2345456060 Don't call please

Post by John,

234-545-6060 Same fake grant money scam as everyone else except when I told the lady she had the wrong number she started cursing me for two minutes or so acting very strangely - Kinda creepy -

Post by mom,

2345456060 keep getting these calls and no ones there and I'm on the do not call list

Post by Frances,

234-545-6060 I got a call about two weeks ago from a man with a very heavy accent said he was calling about free grant money that I never have to pay back so I said send me a check and he said they couldn't send a check so I hung up -  Today got another call said free grant money of K; so I figured what the heck would listen to it and see what kind of scam it was -  I listened and he said that I have minutes to claim my grant money and gave me an ID # and a phone # to call (that # was and I spoke with Minni) -  So Minni told me that I have to get a Reload It card from the store and put     on it so it will "extend" the card and it will be able to accept my K because the normal limit on the card is to ; and in minutes I will have the K plus my that I put on the card -  After I do that I can go to any bank and get the cash -  So I called my bank and asked and she said she doesn't have any reports of this but it sounded like a scam to her also -

Post by Guest,

2345456060 I've been getting calls from this number daily since two weeks, sometimes multiple times a day - I didn't pick up - Must be some telemarketer -

Post by Guest,

234-545-6060 Rang first

Post by Confused,

2345456060 I received a call from this number, no noise, and then I heard ringing -Thereafter someone picked up with a noisy background, and said "Hello - I'm calling from the Federal Grants Service", or something along those lines - I immediately told them to take me off their list -I previously got a similar call, I replied contact me through mail if it's so important -Sounds like a scam -

Post by Jen,

234-545-6060 Answered but no response then said my name next dead silence - Does anyone know what company or scam this might be?

Post by iva,

2345456060 They call - times a day for about days - I answered and woman with accent and loud ringing in the backgroundask for my name, Hallo I am calling from the Federal Grant -I told her not to call again, because she is just reportedto authorities -

Post by ERE,

234-545-6060 Just had a similar experience -  Came over our cell phone - No answer at first, then loud ringing and then a voice with accent said they were calling from some Grant - I told them we were on no call list and not to call us again and I was going to report this call -  The person then made a mocking sound back at me and I hung up the call

Post by Guest,

2345456060 Lives on Prospect Mt - Vernon Rd -, in Ohio, on a large multi acre farm

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