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Recent Comments for 2345425866

Post by Guest,

2345425866 This call is trying to collect money for some charity - It sounds pre recorded with responses included - They asked for my husband and when I said he was not available clan I take a message they said - no we are calling for you too - They are shady sounding to me -

Post by Kim,

234-542-5866 It's a VERY convincing robot call -  Not sure if the company is real -

Post by Diana,

2345425866 I received a call from this # days in a row -  No message -  I called back the first time to receive a fast busy -  STOP ALREADY

Post by Guest,

234-542-5866 Let call go to voice mail - Robotic voice says "Is 'my first name' there?" Then a long pause and a repeat of the question in the same monotone - Then hangs up - I'm guessing it's some sort of scam - I'm not sure how they have my name associated with this # since it isn't listed in my name -

Post by Phil,

2345425866 Called home phone and hung up when I answered - Called back from cell phone and got a recorded message that said" Thank you for calling the fund raising center we are unable to take your call at this time for more options press -" I did and there was an option to opt out of them calling you -

Post by Guest,

234-542-5866 Caller asks for you then states "No Message" and hangs up

Post by Paulette,

2345425866 Received a call on my home phone - They asked for "Harold" - He is my husband who has been deceased for years - I was not very nice on the phone -

Post by Guest,

234-542-5866 long pause after i answered then they hung up

Post by Larry,

2345425866 Calls, does not identify, hangs up -  Constant busy when attempted to call back -  Telemarketer calling DO NOT CALL NUMBER -

Post by Guest,

234-542-5866 Called, VM picked up, long pause, then what sounded like a pre recorded name generator (could have been real voice) said, "Hello is **** there?", then another long silent pause and then a hang up - Very weird - I have a non published number so I was trying to think what company or health org - may be trying to reach me - Sometimes I get weird calls from numbers I've never seen that give updates on Drs appointments or other reminders with companies or other orgs - I do business with -

Post by Donna,

2345425866 called on my cell phone - Want to be taken off their call list

Post by Kim,

234-542-5866 It's a VERY convincing robot call -  Not sure if the company is real -

Post by Helen,

2345425866 Robocalle scammer -  Have asked No Mo Robo to block -

Post by LarryIEP,

234-542-5866 Called home number, left no message -  I called back using anothe phone and its recording answered: "Reached Fund Raise Center -

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