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Post by KIM SMITH,


Post by Guest,

234-542-5122 Called multiple times a day -

Post by Amanda,

2345425122 If you call the number back there is an option to remove your number from their call list -

Post by Viviyan,

234-542-5122 All cell phone number went public last week or so - Need to re do the do not call list with your phone numbers -  I have made a category on my phone labeled spam numbers, Every time one of these numbers call it goes straight to the spam folder -   I also think that telemarketers hire people to call the numbers to see if they are active numbers, - The active numbers are then sold off to people that really do the annoying phone calling -   first call was from: --second call was from : --All this makes it terrible as I am looking for work, and these jerks are just playing phone bot -

Post by Guest,

2345425122 This person keeps calling me from different numbers -

Post by Teresa L.,

234-542-5122 This number as been calling me for the past week - Never leaves a voicemail - It's very annoying to get seven calls in a row while I am trying to sleep

Post by Annoyed Cell Owner,

2345425122 This number has been calling me cell now since : am EST - they wait for voicemail to pick up and all they say is ( May I Speak ) then they hang up - very weird and strange people these days - And what is bad -The Government allows these people to call like this as long as they do between the hours of :am - :Pm - So it makes a person wonder about the Do Not Call List - And who really gets your number when you register to the list - We the people that has to put up with these callers need a better way to put a stop to this -

Post by Rachael,

234-542-5122 This number keeps calling me, even during school - When I try to answer it hangs up - It's very annoying -

Post by MJB,

2345425122 I answered this number today and they said they are from a online College How true it is I'm not sure

Post by Amanda,

234-542-5122 It's a school matching type company - If you call the number back there is an option to remove your number from their call list -

Post by Michelle,

2345425122 Did not know company so we let the call go to VM - After my phones recording ended, A man's voice said my year old sons name in a questioning tone & then hung up -

Post by Guest,

234-542-5122 They call - times a day - Never leave a message -

Post by Guest,

2345425122 On a no call list

Post by Guest,

234-542-5122 tellamarker

Post by cmj,

2345425122 stop calling me - times a day

Post by Amanda,

234-542-5122 If you call the number back there is an option to remove your number from their call list -

Post by tma,

2345425122 Got a call from several times I wont pick up if thy dont allow who thy are to come though and has anyone got a call also from

Post by Rick M,

234-542-5122 Very annoying -  They will not pick up wnen I Call the number back

Post by Guest,

2345425122 Calls numerous times a day, never leaves a message -

Post by Guest,

234-542-5122 On a DO NOT CALL LIST & complaint filed today against this Automated Telemarketer -

Post by Wes,

2345425122 Called the number back its a company called degree match if you call it back you can hit option to be put on the do not call list -

Post by R. M. M.,

234-542-5122 They keep calling my cell phone -  When I call back there is no one there -Please STOP these annoying calls

Post by penelope,

2345425122 they call and call and call - I am sick of being woke up by them -

Post by Guest,

234-542-5122 Called multiple times don't leave a message -


2345425122 They want too sell me drugs and women and said they hate are nigg ers [***]

Post by kirsten,

234-542-5122 It is for an online college - They match you to a school -

Post by Jennifer Carr,

2345425122 Keeps calling

Post by Godric,

234-542-5122 This person keeps calling me as well, I am going to answer it next time and let ya guys know what it is -_ -

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