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Recent Comments for 2344005234

Post by SicIntyred,

2344005234 They called, I answered, they hung up -  I called back and got an error message telling me the number is not reachable -  Ridiculous -

Post by Guest,

234-400-5234 Heavy spam activity suspected -

Post by A,

2344005234 Same story here - at pm

Post by Guest,

234-400-5234 Frequent calls - No one speaks - Reverse phone lookup says it is a land line with heavy spam activity suspected -

Post by Mariah,

2344005234 Got a call from this place - Went to re-dial and got a  message: 'The number you have called is unallocated -' Suspect phishing - -

Post by TW,

234-400-5234 Just received a call form this number - I didn't answer because I checked here first - Thanks   : EST

Post by Lee,

2344005234 They sed they didn't have a dnc because they are scammers -  If you ask legitimate companies to place your name on dnc, by law they have to, some of their automated messages offer you a number to press to be placed on the list - Since the scammers are just that, scammers, they don't go by the law - Wonder how they would like it if one of them or their family members were to get taken in by scammers

Post by on the dnc list,

234-400-5234 It is a bogus operation and they will end the call if you do not play their game -

Post by Rone,

2344005234 Got a call, didn't answer, no message left -  Blocked them immediately after looking the number up, not going to play these games -

Post by Guest,

234-400-5234 Credit card message, said I had limited time to lower credit card interest rate and while listening to message, it started to give the phone prompt to talk to a person - Looked up this number and see that apparently this phone number is using all kinds of scams -

Post by Guest,


Post by Sean,

234-400-5234 They attempted to call my cell phone times in a row -  I do not have my voicemail setup so they could not leave a message - I googled the number and found these responses -  

Post by tigerlilly,

2344005234 No credit card scammers, answered the call half asleep and when I heard them talking about the credit card I currently don't have, so I hung up -

Post by amanda,

234-400-5234 scam call from them today, no vm left

Post by Guest,

2344005234 This male I spoke with was absolutely disgusting, used vulgar and explicit sexual language to me - I was shocked Of course you can't call back so they don't care how they speak to people - All I asked was them to take my number off their list - Unbelievable He is lucky he is in Ohio -

Post by on the dnc list,

234-400-5234 It is a bogus operation and they will end the call if you do not play their game -

Post by Guest,

2344005234 Same as the last user said - One day from Minnesota next day Ohio

Post by lynn,

234-400-5234 same thing happened to me when I asked who they were they hung up - when I tried calling number back it would not let me -

Post by Fried,

2344005234 They hung up when I answered

Post by Guest,

234-400-5234 This is the second time these people have tried to scam me for credit card information Is there nothing that can be done to stop these people????

Post by Guest,

2344005234 credit card scammers

Post by Texan,

234-400-5234 Just missed a call from them - They did not leave a message - Doesn't look like they'll be getting a callback from me -

Post by Guest,

2344005234 These same people called yesterday from a number in MN and now today from Ohio - When are you people going to do something about this as we are on the DO NOT CALL LIST so we also keep submitting to them

Post by Guest,

234-400-5234 no answer, looked up here and see it's a scam

Post by Guest,

2344005234 and counting -

Post by s,

234-400-5234 That's not what I wrote -

Post by Guest,

2344005234 or windows boot configuration

Post by NoBoss,

234-400-5234 Low lives looking to steal your identity -

Post by percy,

2344005234 I read through many of the responses on here - Same story -  Glad to see many of us share this experience and not fall for such scams - When it comes to money, loans, and debts - Nobody is your friend - Even family never give out money for free -

Post by ZZ,

234-400-5234 Same here -  Received call minutes ago -  No one on the other end, then the call disconnected -

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