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Recent Comments for 2343523222

Post by Guest,

2343523222 Just received a anonymous message from this number - I don't even live in the U -S - anyone know what this number is? jk

Post by Guest,

234-352-3222 From childline didn't think they sent texts

Post by Guest,

2343523222 yes - -spam text

Post by Rafik,

234-352-3222 When you send a free SMS from a computer using: "www -asmsfree -com", your number shows at the other end as -Hope this helps -

Post by lee vallance,

2343523222 got a text from this number which read "are you working tonight?I tried to reply but it message failed -

Post by Lisa,

234-352-3222 stop

Post by Guest,

2343523222 Bomb inv going on get out now tell everyone

Post by Guest,

234-352-3222 Got a text from this number saying its a phone sheriff - Its a hey wire free text number -

Post by Samantha,

2343523222 Me too -x

Post by Frustrated Person,

234-352-3222 Got a text from this number stating that they will take legal action if I do not remove a certain testimonial from my website and I have the letter of reference from this individual and I thought this was strange because this was his own words and comments about my artwork - I looked at what was written and it had no reference to anything wrong and it was referring to my own artwork I had this person review - These people need to be charged because they were impersonating someone who never existed -

Post by Guest,

2343523222 Saying they recieved emails bout my children and I'm under full investigation wats all that about

Post by Guest,

234-352-3222 Someone said they are going to hurt me

Post by Guest,

2343523222 I received text - He knew my Name Text was in french with french expression - He ask me if I am going to the game this week -

Post by Dar,

234-352-3222 I been trying for a long time to trace it back to a computer - - - its from a computer - -if u put in free text from computer - -its stupid and allows people to BULLY others - -:(

Post by Guest,

2343523222 Received a text - person knew my name and place of employment - was threatening to report me to HR -

Post by zinfandel,

234-352-3222 I got a message from this number saying "you are such a terrible person, why would you hurt her and not care" and then a second text saying "wrong number" - I live in canada -

Post by Guest,

2343523222 Received a text of the following: Free Help Services Call Now-Mortgage--- Home Improv----Bankruptcy----Tech Support---- Payday Loan Debt---

Post by Guest,

234-352-3222 Suicide note

Post by Sarah,

2343523222 I had a message from this number today, I replied and get messages back with dirty requests I reported them to my phone provider but couldn't understand how they knew my name or even my phone number Keep a close eye peeps

Post by Guest,

234-352-3222 Yes - The person from this number sent me a link in a text stating, you'll want to see this -

Post by sb,

2343523222 This number sent me a text at am saying simply "I know who you are" - I replied "and?" Haven't gotten anything else -

Post by Guest,

234-352-3222 A former friend trying to stalk me -

Post by Dar,

2343523222 I been trying for a long time to trace it back to a computer - - - its from a computer - -if u put in free text from computer - -its stupid and allows people to BULLY others - -:(

Post by Dar,

234-352-3222 I been trying for a long time to trace it back to a computer - - - its from a computer - -if u put in free text from computer - -its stupid and allows people to BULLY others - -:(

Post by Guest,

2343523222 Told me to do something to someone trying to break up my family -

Post by marie,

234-352-3222 I recieved a message sayin Christopher N Evans was arrestes on Thursday afternon on route with possesion to intent to sell bags of Heroin by Trooper Joseph Humme - - I try texting back but it would not let me - - It said message failed - Who would do some stupid [***] like this - People dont have a life -  Peilople like this should get cought for doing unnecessary things -

Post by Guest,

2343523222 Got this creepy text from someone who said they were watching me - I wonder if they have hacked my phone, so everything is going to be changed -

Post by Guest,

234-352-3222 Satanic Church invitations, has my address, knows full name (with maiden name) and daughters name - Says my daughter joined in school -

Post by Josh,

2343523222 Received a message from this number - appears to be from someone I know given the details within it but as I didn't recognise the number and now reading these posts I wonder if there is something else behind it - - -?

Post by charlotte,

234-352-3222 I got a text from this number telling me they been going out with my man - And they know his name -

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