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Recent Comments for 2343124900

Post by Charles,

2343124900 Trying to sell drugs with a lots of noise in background - Kept calling until I answered - Hung up when I was not interested

Post by Jim in DE,

234-312-4900 So did the call you on one of the phones they bought on your cc???

Post by Vikings win the Super Bowl!,

2343124900 "I ordered some Viagra for a friend over years ago"Yeah, right - 'For a friend' -

Post by Guest,

234-312-4900 This caller calls my phone several times a day everyday for the last seven months asking for a Hassan saying his cialis prescription is ready - I tell them everyday there is no Hassan here and to stop calling me so they continue to call me from a blocked number or a different number to hide the fact that it's them - Idk what to do about it and I don't want to change my number because of one company - I am tired of the calls though, please advise -

Post by Dave,

2343124900 Indian guy said he's with Canadian Pharmacy, I hung up immediately - -

Post by Guest,

234-312-4900 SPAM

Post by Guest,

2343124900 Continues to call Will not stop

Post by easdude28,

234-312-4900 this number is disrespectful - i'm from Akron

Post by Guest,

2343124900 they phoned after : pm ct it was actuall : unwanted call

Post by Guest,

234-312-4900 I

Post by Guest,

2343124900 Canadian Pharmacy from Akron Ohio Listing - Pain in the Butt

Post by Guest,

234-312-4900 "canadian pharmacy" I have been receiving calls from these Aholes for years Always ask them to remove my # from their list and they hand up - Tonight the operator told me she would keep calling me back all night and persisted in doing so - - calls later i had to block their number on my carrier -

Post by Guest,

2343124900 They will not stop calling, they say they are a pharmacy and I registered with them, they won't tell me how to un register -

Post by Skip Cat,

234-312-4900 Calls every other day at :am and No message

Post by Anon,

2343124900 I did not answer, but I know nobody in Ohio -  

Post by Guest,

234-312-4900 pharmacy

Post by Guest,

2343124900 keep on calling -- times day - sick of it -

Post by Criminal Minds,

234-312-4900 Well, good for you - Looks like all that viagra gave you enough girth to look up complaints on this shill operation - But, if it lasts more than four hours, you still should'nt respond to old posts - It wont help

Post by Guest,

2343124900 best way is too call back with air horn and when they answer let them have it then block them

Post by Charmayne Geier,

234-312-4900 Please have this guy stop calling my husband and I

Post by julie,

2343124900 spam

Post by Jim in DE,

234-312-4900 So did the call you on one of the phones they bought on your cc???

Post by WaltB,

2343124900 They claim to be Canadian pharmacy, but they always have South Asian accents - They always switch their telephone numbers so their calls can show up as coming from any part of the USA - The fraudsters are either from India or Pakistan - They are not really from Canadian Pharmacy - Their whole scam is to try to get you to reveal what medications you take and then attempt to sell you meds - At best they will try to sell you Indian pharmaceutical generics that violate international patents - At worst, they will take your credit card information and swindle you -


234-312-4900 Left no msg -  Blocking

Post by Maude Flanders,

2343124900 Called again today at : -  Left a message in some form of gook-speak after a long pause -

Post by Guest,

234-312-4900 Get atleast - calls everyday - They claim to be Canadian Pharmacy or Online Pharmacy - And they keep on changing there number -

Post by Jim in DE,

2343124900 So did the call you on one of the phones they bought on your cc???

Post by Joe,

234-312-4900 Sound like a boiler room call representing Canadian Pharmacy -    I just ask them to hold and put the phone down - -

Post by Jim in DE,

2343124900 So did the call you on one of the phones they bought on your cc???

Post by Myrna,

234-312-4900 Interesting - Started receiving calls from this number hours after filling out a social security form online -

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