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Recent Comments for 2343077527

Post by Guest,

2343077527 Can't be that important if they don't leave a message -

Post by Guest,

234-307-7527 don't a answer

Post by Guest,

2343077527 they don't leave message

Post by Guest,

234-307-7527 Got a missed call on my answering machine with no message left -

Post by Paul,

2343077527 Write down the number, and keep the paper near your phone if you have a caller I -D - feature -Next time they call , don't answer -

Post by Guest,

234-307-7527 Claims to be Walmart with incorrect spelling and on top of that silence on the other end - I don't know anyone in Ohio, so they will be blocked -

Post by Guest,

2343077527 There was no answer

Post by cody,

234-307-7527 i dont know who it is or anything all i know is that i got a missed call i dont know how they got my number since ive never gave my number to anyone but family and never put it online so it must be the company i use

Post by Guest,

2343077527 Calls never leaves a message

Post by Spike,

234-307-7527 Called me late - Was from Ohio saying they wanted to talk to me about my Social Security payments - Im in my 's - Got years to go -

Post by James,

2343077527 Automated message claimed that I could get a Florida Bahamas vacation for % off and free tickets to Universal Studios Orlando -  Live agent "Elizabeth" got blasted by my radio -

Post by Reverend,

234-307-7527 Called after pm - I don't know anyone in Louisville, Ohio - Looked it up, saw these posts - No message left - I've gotten quite a few calls since buying domains on go daddy - So have others -

Post by Just Me,

2343077527 Called no voicemail -  Blocking from info above -

Post by Dani,

234-307-7527 Yup - No voicemail no nothing

Post by gremlin14,

2343077527 Got the call last night at : p -m - I was already asleep so I didn't answer it of course - They didn't leave a voicemail so I was curious as to who this number belonged too - Now I know and will be blocking it - Thanks guys

Post by Guest,

234-307-7527 Numerous calls never says anything

Post by Froggy,

2343077527 They called me and they asked what my name was - I gave them a fake name and then I asked what I won and she said nothing - They asked if I was over and I said yes (I am not) and they asked what year and I said "-er, " and she said I wasn't because I didn't know the year I was born and then she said she was going to report my number for harassment -_- and I said how is that harassment? And then she started yelling and then she said she was going to report me for lying about my age - I said well you guys are scammers, do you really think anyone is going to give you that information? Then she kept yelling about how she was going to report me and then she hung up - I'm not going to block this number because I'd like to mess with them and see what they do xD

Post by Guest,

234-307-7527 Left no message - Listed as suspected spam -

Post by Guest,

2343077527 SPAM - -so tired of these irritating calls -

Post by Guest,

234-307-7527 They called me twice didn't leave a message - I don't know anyone from Ohio -

Post by Guest,

2343077527 Spam Caller - Do not press

Post by Guest,

234-307-7527 n

Post by Mike,

2343077527 Caller ID is NOT Walmart - Ít's WAMART (no L) -

Post by Guest,

234-307-7527 Never a message - No one there when I answered -

Post by Don't call me 210,

2343077527 Harassing calls with no useful information on who they are -

Post by Guest,

234-307-7527 The name says fraud alone

Post by Guest,

2343077527 Caller ID indicates call is from Walmart

Post by Guest,

234-307-7527 Leave a comment about the caller here

Post by Tiffy,

2343077527 They say they are reward redemsion -you had visited one of our web sites - I hung up because I do not visit any of these scam pages

Post by Guest,

234-307-7527 optinal messaging system - -

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