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Recent Comments for 2342810988

Post by annon,

2342810988 called-no message left -  When I returned the call, i recieved an automated message saying I had a chance to win -  Hung up -

Post by Ken Krzak,

234-281-0988 I do not want calls from this number

Post by mad06,

2342810988 Same as TS   Says Ohio but it's not  says I was selected to get a card free to use at - - - - - -

Post by Steve,

234-281-0988 It's not a person who's calling, but a machine with a recorded message -

Post by Guest,

2342810988 Annoying

Post by RM,

234-281-0988 My husband keeps getting calls from this number - -sometimes times a day -  I called it and hit to be taken off the list, then I reported the number to the National Do Not Call website -

Post by mrs. O,

2342810988 I receieved a call from this # -- -I did not answer and they did not leave a message - Also go cals last wee from -- - Same thing - This one shows in Arkansas -

Post by TS,

234-281-0988 Recording spoke before my answer machine got done talking -  My answer machine started recording - -"people in your area that have been pre selected to receive in rewards -  Good at Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, & many more -  Press now to claim your rewards, press now to claim & rewards, or be taken off the list press -"

Post by Ohio Resident,

2342810988 Received a call from this number (only once today), no message -  I don't answer unless I recognize number -  Looked up to see who called - can find no info -

Post by No answer,

234-281-0988 Called my cell, said from Ohio, but no msg -  On DNC list -  I figure that's why they don't leave msgs - - Otherwise you'd have proof of a violation as opposed to an "accidental" call

Post by Kallen,

2342810988 See their "in" to your do not call is to say, oh, your number was left as a contact number - If you say no, never left it anywhere, they will go, oh sorry, must be a mistake and I'll take you from the list Bamm, stupid operator just said the list, hello and if they don't know your name Who leaves a contact without leaving your name? I believe they have a program that gets your number if your useing a smart phone looking on shopping store web sites - I know if I google look for info from my phone, next thing, Im getting pop ups on every page I visit for info I had looked up -   Never ever ever buy something from a web page your hi-jacked to or a pop up - Your just supporting what they are doing

Post by riccicl,

234-281-0988 I just got another call from this number on my S - Many times before plus others numbers to -  Vrr annoying, I'm on the DNC List as well but it really doesn't work -  If the call originates from outside the USA, then is rerouted, they are not subject to the same rules - So what is this  BLOCK #  thing? I'd sure like to use it :-)

Post by Guest,

2342810988 Annoying spam call about winning gift cards

Post by lin,

234-281-0988 This number has called me every day for the past three days on my cell -  I don't give my cell out to business and I don't shop on my phone -  My number is on the DO NOT CALL list -  Not sure how they got it -  I don't answer -  I sent a text asking them who they are -  No response -  I deleted the text -  

Post by chopper,

2342810988 gift card scam  DNC list works like our goverment should - - -hey, let's let them run our HEALTH CARE

Post by chat2cat2,

234-281-0988 they keep calling my cell too They do not ever leave amessage -I didn't answer but finally called back and woman answered stating she wanted my name and info for my gift rewards - Told her to stop calling and the # was being reported - Don't know if it is going to do any good or not and I'm on Do Not Call List also -

Post by Guest,

2342810988 B -s -

Post by Guest,

234-281-0988 Spam don't answer

Post by Amy Forrest,

2342810988 They call me but never leave a message -

Post by Guest,

234-281-0988 Annoying telemarketing

Post by john lyle,

2342810988 no message, but numerous calls

Post by TS,

234-281-0988 It is not a collection agency -It's a scam outfit with so called gift cards -  I've received of these calls from this number in the last few days -  It's a recording -

Post by Guest,

2342810988 Automated survey machine - I pushed to be removed from the list and the phone disconnected - This is a spam call

Post by Guest,

234-281-0988 Called then call disconnected when answered - Tried calling back but phone didn't ring -

Post by an@one,

2342810988 I periodically receive call from that number -- nobody answers -  In my case it shows in Missouri

Post by anon,

234-281-0988 ohio number -no message -

Post by Anonymous,

2342810988 Picked up - No response - I told them "if there's anyone there don't call us again" - I think I heard a click - Don't know if they got the message -

Post by Guest,

234-281-0988 You won

Post by TS,

2342810988 PSThis place says Ohio - - -I find it's a personal residence in Montgomery, Alabama -

Post by TS,

234-281-0988 Called me today, but this time they just held on until my answer machine quit talking & disconnected the call because no one was speaking -I have already reported this illegal phone call to do not call -  This rewards gift card has never been approved to contact me in verbal, written, or past use in the last months nor ever as that goes -  So that makes it illegal for them to contact me -  Will be placing another report against this phone number for even calling me even though they did not leave a message -  That's harassment & still illegal for them to contact me -

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