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Post by Guest,

2342511033 dont answer.. stay strong...

Post by ThugLife101,

234-251-1033 Yes u are correct this is a scam. I am a recent employee of this business and I am hear to state facts about the people who work for this company. After the sexual abuse allegations by recent employees against Calvin Milton and lack of leadership I decided to take my talents elsewhere. Although Mr. Purdie was cool he carried a fake life also as well as his companion Milton. These atrocities consist of multiple infidelities and adulteries leading to bad management and business. Do not be confused Chat and Associates and Purdie are a partnership company. However they do not have enough legal backing nor credibility to sustain itself. The tactics that are used are simply an imaginary skit to ''get the money''. This is not an attempt to regain restitution or compensation for lost time. This is more of a warning for the American people to conduct business with the proper and right people. I do highly suggest you do business with honorable fellow Americans such as myself to bring correct closure to your debt.To the spouses and wives of the individuals listed I do apologize if the statements above offend you but since I knew this information it also lead to my departure. The trips to Orlando were of any business relevance including some of the women who have stood before you. These facts are horrible but true and even I was used as an escape goat to wear off suspicions of the cruel acts. So if you have any business I suggest u stop it immediately there are better individuals to do business with learn how to sue them for minor things also by visiting to read more on FDCPA laws and remember your rights. Lets bring and end to credit and national bankers and life back to America.

Post by Adam Gogan,

2342511033 This person Steven Johnson had called my wife two days ago and threatned sexual acts against her because she kept questioning him about these so called charges. So when I got home I called and this guy answered the phone and beagn to tell me I had three federal charges against me. And that he was with the United Legal Investigation Bureau. And was working thru Cash Advance Mutual and that I had commited bank fraud and check fraud and rattled all my information to me. No I did not verify anything. This was the exact phone number he called from. There is another name that goes with this scam, and it is Mike Taylor supposedly working out of Michigan, with a Seattle area code. He may be trying to use your own e-mail against you, I have been trying to find a part for my car online and I got a phone call from the same distinct thick accent saying he was with Quality Auto Parts saying he found my part for me. So he might be getting better, I hope this help track this weirdo.

Post by Guest,

234-251-1033 Time wasting Creep

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