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Recent Comments for 2317322735

Post by Vickie,

231-732-2735 I have been receiving numerous calls from this number for days now -  I won't answer it -  If I don't know a number, they don't get answered -  There is never a message left -  Thanks for all the entries, I won't answer them at all

Post by edgar,

2317322735 yeah i got the same thing, luckily they hung up when i answered ;

Post by pricks,

231-732-2735 i just said it was the wrong number - havent received another one - its only been hours though - what a bunch of pricks -

Post by Mundus Family,

2317322735 Same as pretty much all of the other posts here - It needs to stop -

Post by RANDY,


Post by rich,

2317322735 I have received calls in the last hours - I can't get anyone to respond and the only time someone was on the other end of the phone it was so loud in the background that i could not here -  I wonder if I can file a harassment charge -

Post by CBK,

231-732-2735 Thanks - -just got call on my cell phone  id   - -won't pick up - -

Post by lee,

2317322735 I have gotten tons of calls from this number -  they never leave a message

Post by Just wondering?,

231-732-2735 So did they ever call again?

Post by The Advocate,

2317322735 They can know your last on your credit card because it is easy to get from ANY merchant who you use your credit card at -  Ever notice the CC slip you get from the merchant has the LAST OF YOUR NUMBER?

Post by Guest,

231-732-2735 Called my phone times today and when I called it back it said I had reached the customer service line and they were calling to confirm a package I ordered - I have not ordered any type of package, and they will not stop calling -

Post by lavita3bella,

2317322735 --Dang I have received two calls from this # -  I never pick-up calls from #s I do not recognize -I figured if they are legit, they would leave a message -  But this # certainly did not leave any -

Post by H4D424B,

231-732-2735 Below's info on Smart Shopper from their Web Site:Smart Shopper Savings Plan Contact InformationE-mail:   [email&#;protected] * * Phone:   Customer Service: --MailSmart Shopper Savings PlanP -O - Box Phoenix, AZ Corporate offices:Smart Shopper Savings Plan,MEDIAFLO, LTD Threadneedle StreetLondonUnited KingdomECR AY

Post by Irritated!,

2317322735 I'm getting this same call also  Sooooo annoying

Post by Jonathan,

231-732-2735 Curses upon this recorded message that calls my cell phone daily

Post by witchdoc248,

2317322735 i got the same kind of call today - -they asked for me by name, stated that i was to receive in gas cards, asked a couple of benign questions and i responded that was all the questions i would answer, they thanked me for my time disconnected

Post by kentucky,

231-732-2735 Started getting calls -- non-stop -I called back message said to confirm order - I have not ordered anything So I have added them to my Reject list - -on my cell phone - These people are up to something and should be stopped -

Post by wanataste,

2317322735 See my, Hopeful, success in finding these losers by typing in -- - I hope all the digging I did to get these jerks off my back was not in vain -

Post by wanataste,

231-732-2735 **  -  this phone# -- is connected with the other# -- - -same answering service - -they must have gotten a cell phone with a Michagain area code -the # has an area code from Missouri -call them back and press # and then press # agan and that lets you leave amsg - -the mesg should be your local Sheriffs office and the  Marshals office,PHONE # -speak clearly - -call back several times, but DON'T leave your Phone # -,,,,,,CREDIT CARD FRAUD - -be careful - - - -

Post by linda,

2317322735 I received the call twice today and answered the second time -  the  foreign person on the line knew my name and said it was in regards to my Visa card -  I told him I don't have a Visa card and don't call me anymore and I hung up on him -

Post by Guest,

231-732-2735 Wanted to get your - VISA number and you start receiving all kinds of garbage - Tell do you get free gas, store discounts, but nothing is free and then you have to subscribe bucks a month for other stuff -

Post by Laura,

2317322735 Just got a call - Sounded like someone at a party - They were laughing and talking really loud with a lot of background noise (like music or heavy traffic)

Post by Cindy,

231-732-2735 Recd calls yesterday and they are starting again today -  I answered once yesterday noone there

Post by Mickey Mouse,

2317322735 This number called me twice today - -  Bothered the [***] out of me, and cost me cell-phone minutes -  They are impersonating a bank -  The first time they called, it was a woman who said that a certain amount of money had been taken out of my account -  I knew they were full of sh*t -  I just got another call - -  A different woman, who somehow knew my name and said she was the bank, and that there was an authorized purchase -I just hung up - -  I should have called them names though, but I can't even talk to scum like that -

Post by hubbardgirl,

231-732-2735 do not know anyone in this area code - did not answer

Post by Gail Curtis,

2317322735 I have been receiving phone calls, approx - times day from the phone numbers -- & -- -  I usually don't answer phone calls from callers I don't know, but after reading this blog yesterday I decided to answer my phone just a moment ago when they called -  The gentlemen told me that because I had used my mastercard with one of their associates, I had - in free gas coming to me -  I told him that I was not interested in whatever he was selling and to remove me from his "call back" list -  He very rudely told me "I'll think about it"  Unbelievable  I stated again that I wanted him to remove me from the call back list and that if he didn't - -I would report him -

Post by Eddy Vallejo,

231-732-2735 I just hang up ever time they I don't even respond I just hang up

Post by Mayo. A.,

2317322735 They keep calling me - Today ( ) - I have already received calls this morning ay : am and : am -

Post by Vickie Griffing,

231-732-2735 I have received calls today , and calls yesterday from () - -  I did not answer the calls because I do not know who is calling -  These calls were made to my cell phone and my cell phone number is on the Federal Do Not Call List -

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