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Post by SONIA,


Post by Guest,

231-732-2027 Has been calling me for the past week on my home phone - Sometimes or times a day - Knew it was some type of scam - Did answer the other day cause got off work early - Pretended like I couldnt hear them - Kept on saying "HELLO" - Guessed it pissed them off and they haven't called back - It was funny -

Post by Guest,

2317322027 Vista card services trying to sell some crappy I don't need -

Post by Guest,

231-732-2027 Said nothing but keep calling over and over bank acct is in question?

Post by T. Wayne,

2317322027 Just silence on the other end - -

Post by Guest,

231-732-2027 Called twice, first time no message was left, second was an hour later and I answered: Guy: I’m calling from [Unrecognized Company] about your VISA card, because of your recent transaction - Me: Which transaction? Him: No specific transaction, just your spending history with your VISA card - Me: Which card? Him: The card ending in [ digits], are you the authorized signer? Me: I don’t know the number, who issued the card? Him: I don’t know, they didn't give me that info, just the last digits - Me: Who gave you the info? Him: One of your marketing partners - Me: One of *my* marketing partners? Him: One of the marketing partners of your CC company, for a card issued to [name] in [city, state] - Is that still correct? Me: I don't think we have anything to talk about, I don’t even know who you are - Him: I'm sorry you're so PARANOID about this *click* CLEARLY a legitimate company *sarcasm*

Post by rae,

2317322027 yea this number called me all yesterday - - i finally answered it today and they said its an order confirmation company and that i'm qualified for a free gift bcuz of my recent purchase - - however, the credit card they said i supposedly charged doesn't match any last digits of my cards and i don't even own a mastercard idk if its a scam but i definitely know i don't own that card - - trying to figure out if they were trying to pry information from me to steal my identity, or if someone opened a card in my name? - - gonna do some more research - hope someone else has some answers

Post by Guest,

231-732-2027 Dont know

Post by Eileen,

2317322027 I have gotten - calls from -- telling me that I am eligable for this bonus of free gas cards for making my purchase using my card ending in XXXX -  I saved the number to the caller ID on my phone using the name "Scam" -  That way, I won't answer when they call and I will have their history -

Post by Guest,

231-732-2027 Offering "free gas" for a shipping charge and auto enrolling you in something - Have called me times in hours - They got the legit last digits of my credit card somehow, if anyone knows where they got that info I'd love to know so I can complain to the company -

Post by Jimbo,

2317322027 Tired of getting call from this number -

Post by Guest,

231-732-2027 Don't know this number

Post by JustMe,

2317322027 File a complaint with the FCC at the following:  esupport -fcc -gov complaints -htm -  These calls are from telemarketers scamming -

Post by Antidiva,

231-732-2027 I received a call from an unknown number the other day and I answered it - The lady said I had won dollars in gas vouchers due to my recent order - I do have an order outstanding but it seemed fishy -so I asked the girl what company she was calling from and she said " I'm calling from -" the call disconnected in mid sentence - -since then I've been getting calls from the above listed phone number -I've missed the call each time and when I called back I get an automated message stating that this call is in regards to my recently placed order and if I don't respond, it will Not affect shipment -  I've checked my actual order status and seems to have nothing to do with it - So my advice is to not answer this call and report it ASAP -

Post by Shay,

2317322027 Thanks everyone for the info it really helped -

Post by Tam,

231-732-2027 They've called twice today, left no message - -caller ID just says "serviceorder -" I almost picked it up because I did order something online last night, but checked area code first -  I didn't order squat from Michigan -  If they continue to call, I'm blocking -

Post by Linda,

2317322027 Got a call from -- -  Man told me that I made a credit card purchase and was entitled to in gas gift cards -  When I interrupted him and asked where he was from, he hung up

Post by Annoyed,

231-732-2027 If this is the same company, they got me years ago -  They get your credit (or debit) card info from places like Walmart -  My checking account was taken for approx - over a three month time frame before I noticed it -  If you do get something in the mail from a place offering a Buyers Discount Club, do not just throw it away -  CALL THEM AND CANCEL whatever it is they have signed you up for -  Then check your bank account and talk to your bank about this -  If anyone knows where to report these people, besides the link to the FCC (see below), please post it here -  These [email protected] need to be stopped

Post by trialortiz,

2317322027 They never give up I do not recognize number I do not answer - They never leave a message it can not be iportant -

Post by Guest,

231-732-2027 Free gas -

Post by Shay,

2317322027 Getting calls from this number too and they never leave a message - They call times a day which drives me crazy -

Post by Guest,

231-732-2027 Called twice already this morning, without leaving a message - - Answered once and as soon as I questioned, got hung up on - Had similar calls from different numbers in the past - Where are they getting these?

Post by granny,

2317322027 These people called me and said I had "won" in gas vouchers because of a recent purchase -  When I asked what company I purchased from that qualified me, they said they did not have that information -  Couldn't understand much they were saying--sounded foreign -  When I called back the number, I got an automated message saying my order would not be affected -  Since I didn't order anything, guess I don't have to worry -  If people would spend this much effort in something good instead of trying to deceive, maybe we would have a cure for cancer -  That's ok, though, they will have to answer to their deeds on judgement day -

Post by Guest,

231-732-2027 Stop calling me

Post by Guest,

2317322027 Spam

Post by Henry Kadoch,

231-732-2027 They call saying that they received my order paid with my credit card and that everything was OK with the account and the order, but that I'd won a gas card, bla, bla, bla - I told them to lose my number and hung up - This is most certainly some type of scam - -don't fall for it

Post by Guest,

2317322027 This number calls numerous times a day - Husband answered yesterday they wanted to talk to me and said something about a charge on my cc and stated last #'s - She hung up & we called the bank and cancelled the card - Then wouldn't you know they called here this morning again - I'm going to block this USW cust - serv - --- - Don't you think these people should get a real job instead of trying to scam people what losers

Post by Joan,

231-732-2027 Serviceorderz - -- Called -a -p -p -pThen they used different # to call - same thing as others state - say I have a free gas card coming for a Mastercard purchase - selling something  WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DO NOT CALL REGISTRY?

Post by Guest,

2317322027 The person talked so fast that I couldn't understand him - I told him to slow down, he kept talking, I kept telling him I couldn't understand him - I finally told him that he called times yesterday and I had turned him to the DoNotCall - He understood that and wouldn't say anything more - I have blocked this number on my phone -

Post by Guest,

231-732-2027 They call over and over and don't leave a message -

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