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Recent Comments for 2315196623

Post by Alexis A.,

2315196623 Some British guy called me from this number

Post by Guest,

231-519-6623 dont need no spam

Post by Guest,

2315196623 Called again - Unfortunately, my husband answered the phone - He is asking for someone who hasn't lived here for at least one year - You cannot call this number back - Take my advice - Do Not Answer this one -

Post by Guest,

231-519-6623 Have tried unsuccessfully to call this # - got a message that the voice mail box is full

Post by Guest,

2315196623 they know my name and what car I drive and keep asking me to change my insurance for a savings of % - when I start asking questions they hang up - I tried calling back but the voicemail box for the sprint pcs phone is full

Post by JTS,

231-519-6623 I made the mistake of answering this call -  They asked for John Smith, I've had many calls like this before, so I hung up and put them on the reject list -

Post by Guest,

2315196623 I started to question the person who was calling me about car insurance (I don't own a car) and he began to threaten me with violence - He also told me he knew where I lived and read my address to me, which was correct - Very frightening -

Post by CB,

231-519-6623 Called and Left no message, so I always assume that if its a number I don't know and you don't leave a message then you shouldn't be calling me -

Post by Guest,

2315196623 Very noisy background - Caller has heavy accent - Asked for ME by NAME - I told him I couldn't understand him - He hung up

Post by Phyllis vincheski,

231-519-6623 This number keeps calling me and there is no one there

Post by eastern shore,

2315196623 they have called me twice today, and when i call back its a non working number

Post by Jerry,

231-519-6623 I just started getting call from this person my phone tell me that it Tyler Wiles from Neweygo  MI, I block the number -

Post by Guest,

2315196623 Call everyday never leave a message

Post by Guest,

231-519-6623 wanted me to change car insurance -whenever i ask that to stop calling they hang up -

Post by Guest,

2315196623 they called twice and was very sexual when I told to leave me alone -

Post by Guest,

231-519-6623 Calls come in waves - Every weeks or so, I get - a day for - days - Heavy accents - Want to sell me car insurance then get either belligerent or sexually suggestive - Claim to be located in different US locations from Kingfisher - OK to Bristol, VA - I have reported this to the "national do not call" website every time for the past times and they do nothing -

Post by Guest,

2315196623 I refuse to answer this one -

Post by Doug,

231-519-6623 US Savings trying to sell me something - have had many calls from them - I tell them I'm on the do not call list - they call back anyway -

Post by Guest,

2315196623 Tried to sell me illegal drugs from some website via Western Union - Reported to police -

Post by Guest,

231-519-6623 spam

Post by Guest,

2315196623 Asked me to change my car insurance for a car that I don't even own anymore -

Post by Guest,

231-519-6623 they call my cell every day twice a day -

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