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Recent Comments for 2314564781

Post by Kali,

2314564781 Invest in a call blocker and do not pick up on numbers you do not recognize -

Post by Guest,

231-456-4781 "Jeff" with an Indian accent said he was from Microsoft and they have detected virus on computer, I told him I don't own a computer and to stop calling - - -calls have increased to X daily now

Post by aws,

2314564781 Called me saying  that they can see I got a computer windows issues -I played along just to see what I could get out of them -they knew our (me and wife)first names but mispronounced our last -I was like how do you know?? They the guy with a accent wouldn't tell so I'm like we r OK thank you,click -

Post by Mimi,

231-456-4781 Called twice today and four times yesterday -  I have this number blocked and they are still able to get calls through to  me -  I don't answer and they don't leave a message -  Very annoying

Post by Guest,

2314564781 Same thing man say i need to get on computer right away -so i say ok im on my computer he says type i say i cant im standing on my computer,you told me to get on my computer - i say are you from india is it hot there like a cow on fire - he say no im in colorado -i say your on dope - he hangs up

Post by Jackie Patterson,

231-456-4781 This number has called at least time today with the caller representing himself as a Windows computer desk -  While I didn't let him continue, I have received these calls before and they want you to go to your computer and let them help you solve a problem that your computer is having -  I've never received so many calls in one day before -  I told him the last time to stop harassing me, but he still called again -  I didn't answer -

Post by Josh,

2314564781 called my home times today - I picked up the third call and said "it's done, but there's blood everywhere -" And hung up - I picked up the fourth call and asked who it was, a man said some gibberish and that he was from Microsoft computers in a fake Arab accent - I asked him to spell his name, he hung up - I didn't answer the fifth call - I hope someone hires a P -I -

Post by Guest,

231-456-4781 "Unknown Name" popped up on the caller i -d - I answered the phone and an unknown man with a thick Indian accent claimed to be from "Windows" tried to convince me there was something wrong with my computer and, as per the licensing agreement with "Windows" he was going to fix it for me - I thanked him for his concern for my computer but that it did not need to be fixed and promptly hung up -

Post by CliffyD,

2314564781 Not sure if it's this number but I also get calls supposedly from Microsoft Tech support  telling me a virus was recently found on my computer - I asked them when exactly did they find it - "About weeks ago -" "Gee that's funny as my internet has been out for months -" The guy said "Oh my God" as he hung up - I like the air horn idea and another if you're really creative is tell them "hold on, I'm at work at the telephone company and I'm doing a trace on this call to make sure you're with Microsoft -" Or you could tell them a bogus IP address and then say you're with the NSA running an IP trace - Eh, probably stupid but then again,,,so are they -

Post by Guest,

231-456-4781 repeated calls claiming to be "Windows Technical Support" asking for computer info

Post by melissa,

2314564781 The calls cannot be stopped -  They originate in India -  Call blocker is your best bet -

Post by Kali,

231-456-4781 Invest in a call blocker and do not pick up on numbers you do not recognize -

Post by WAYNE,

2314564781 THIS IS A SCAM CALL

Post by Cricket,

231-456-4781 I have been called by this number at least four times so far - The second time I played along with it and told him I was in front of my computer - As I went along I finally said oh and by the way I do not have a home computer - He told me to F off and hung up - I have told them twice today not to call me back so we will see what happens -

Post by Valorie,

2314564781 I too got a call from this number today -  I didn't aswer and they left no message (of course) -

Post by Guest,

231-456-4781 The number he called from has called our number for the last few weeks - He claimed to be a Microsoft rep and was positive our computer was constantly downloading items every time we turned it on - I asked how he knew this and expressed that I could hear he was in a call center and the call is a scam and he is fraudulent - He said I was lying and I said I will be reporting his number

Post by Bonnie Cheney,

2314564781 These people are calling me early in the morning they are saying they are a window company   And they said they are a computer company

Post by Guest,

231-456-4781 They will not stopped calling

Post by Guest,

2314564781 On the first instance, we got the same Indian-accented caller telling us he was from Microsoft, etc - etc - Knew it was fake right away - Now we get calls a day, but now no one seems to be on the other end - Even more annoying - calls coming in after PM and just after AM - Disappointed there doesn't seem to be any way to block calls from this obviously spoofed number from "Michigan -"

Post by Guest,

231-456-4781 I received a call on my home phone at : pm EST -I just so happened to be home today - -the caller ID showed -- - -Indian accent, he said he was calling about my computer and it was throwing error codes and it has malicious software downloading right now I told him first of all Windows doesn't call customers out of the blue - -and if they did they wouldn't have my home # they would have my cell # - -he started in telling me that's not true we have all numbers - -I could barely understand him -I told him to put an ENGLISH SPEAKING PERSON ON THE PHONE He said I am English speaking as I laughed out loud -So I ask him where are you calling from? He said California - -but I had the number pulled up and so I said why are you being tracked as calling from Michigan??? He hung up I knew it was a scam from the first word out of his mouth Plus you can tell they are reading from Q cards on their computer - -what a bunch of putzes

Post by Ron,

2314564781 This phone number -- is listed on the internet as being a bogus phone number -  Call numbers on DNC list and then hang  up after the second ring with no message -  Thank heavens for caller Id and call blocking -  They may call again but will have to use a different scam number -

Post by Guest,

231-456-4781 they just keep calling so dont answer it they are a pain and need to be stopped

Post by Guest,

2314564781 This girl called me just now - She said Windows, Inc not even Microsoft Windows - How dumb does she think I am? She said "there are problems with your computer - You know - hackers" - Before I could give her a chance to say more, I hung up on her - Unreal She was the hacker - Get a real job people other than trying to scam hard working people out of their hard earned money - What jerks

Post by deborah,

231-456-4781 keep calling all day

Post by jazzy,

2314564781 The calls won't stop -  These are basically criminal scammer extortionists working out of India -  They ignore all US laws and ignore all requests to stop calling - In fact, telling them to stop calling is like telling a serial killer to stop killing -  It just makes them madder and more determined to annoy you -Invest in a call blocker and do not pick up on numbers you do not recognize -

Post by Mark,

231-456-4781 DNC will not stop these kinds of calls -  They originate in India and are carried out by hard-core Indian scammer extortionists who ignore all US law -Call blocker is your best bet and do not  pick up on numbers you don't recognize -

Post by Mike,

2314564781 These guys call us at least times a day - The funny thing is that I am a computer tech - These guys ar just trying to get a remote access to your computer - There is no telling what would happen if they did -

Post by Sherry Murray,

231-456-4781 notes is not affiliated with your callers, we are not calling you either - notes is a forum for reporting who calls you and any information you may have about the call to share with other forum users - It is highly doubtful that your callers are reading here also - We can't stop anyone from calling you either or remove from a list - Consider getting a call blocking device or phone - You can google them and many are around - or so -If its a cell phone, some already have call blocking, if not, there are free apps on the web that will work for some - You can google this - If you have a smart phone, there is a free app called call control - Iphones appear to have apps also - Another one is called Mr - Number -Report your callers here, not just to the DNC alone:https: www -ftccomplaintassistant -gov #&panel-https: esupport -fcc -gov ccmsforms form -actionhttps: complaints -donotcall -gov complaint complaintcheck -aspx?panelBy State DNC lists:www -donotcallprotection -com do_not_call_chart -shtmlFCC Abandoned Calls Complaint form:www -fcc -gov cgb consumerfacts D-R -pdfemail:  [email&#;protected] * * To file complaints on Foreign company's:eConsumer -gov: Report Your ComplaintE-mail: [email&#;protected] * *

Post by Dawn,

2314564781 I've gotten calls today from this # and it shows up unknown with a area code which is MI -  They got my name wrong the firs time, I called them on it and they hung up -  nd call, they got my first name, and wanted me to get on my computer and let them have access to it remotely so they could clean out all the 'viruses' -  I told them no way and they hung up -  rd call, I stated I wanted no more calls from them and they hung up b I could get it out -  th call, I asked that they please not hang up as I wanted to tell them something (not to call again) and got hung up on immediately after I asked them to not hang up -  I hope this is not a continuing thing, as I see most people only get calls, but I am letting my carrier know of this inconvenience and possible (more than likely) hack -  

Post by Tina H,

231-456-4781 These people always call saying they are from "windows" calling about the fraudulent downloads that are coming to my computer -  Funny, they only start right after I've called Dell for warranty work on my laptops -  The callers have the same accent so it seems very suspicious -  The calling number is --,

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