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Recent Comments for 2314512211

Post by Guest,

2314512211 No one on the phone -

Post by sal,

231-451-2211 won't stop calling, lie and say a reward if i pay first -

Post by Gregg,

2314512211 The man with the heavy Indian accent called and attempted to represent the IRS - He tried to scam us out of dollars - I never gave him any info and after listening to his spiel I realized he was scamming me - I told him that I would call the IRS myself and hung up on him - Be careful with the guy - -good luck

Post by lol,

231-451-2211 I just love it when people make their story more then it is -

Post by GLL,

2314512211 Called my land line at :pm  Heavy breathing followed by "Is dis Ms (mumbled)?" I answered, No, this is Mrs - (My Name) -  He said, "din go f*** yor self:  I hung up -

Post by Alex,

231-451-2211 Some Indian dude called and said he was from Microsoft - Pretty sure they're scammers -

Post by sara,

2314512211 I like your boys response - - Cute

Post by DH,

231-451-2211 Called me yesterday at :am - Blocked #Goodbye Michigan scammer

Post by Rick,

2314512211 just received same call - said my windows computer was sending out error codes - told him my pc had been broken for months, and could not have been sending so called messages - he actually said he was sorry for the inconvenience -

Post by steve,

231-451-2211 said he was Jim from "windows technical support"

Post by Lynn,

2314512211 Received call on my cell and the male Indian Caller said that I was receiving the call because there was an error reported with my home computer -  Well that was the first lie, then he said he was calling from Windows so I repeated you are calling from Microsoft is that correct -  He then said they are separate and I told him a lie is nothing to tell and that he should take his stupidity and never call my number again as he does not have permission to call me on any day or at any time with approval on my cell phone of all things and disconnected the call -

Post by Mr. Pottymouth,

231-451-2211 Good point -I think "hajji" is the politically correct term these days -

Post by Guest,

2314512211 Calls all the time

Post by Linda,

231-451-2211 Gets constant calls from this number saying they Microsoft Windows this is getting to be annoying

Post by Mainer,

2314512211 was called and when i yelled at him for calling so early (before :am) he repeated in poor english "f - - your mother" - he was calling about windows on the computer

Post by JWM,

231-451-2211 Believe this is scam call - as same individual has called before from a number reported as part of a scam - Claim to be calling from microsoft about computer and ip address - have received at least calls from at least different numbers one in AZ and now a Michigan number - same accented voice Western Oriental accent -

Post by Lou P.,

2314512211 Call received, cut out after two rings - Will be added to my cell phone block list after reading the notes on here -

Post by Jodi,

231-451-2211 -- & --

Post by R C,

2314512211 Called and told me I had someone hacking into my windows account - when I told him I was not sitting at my computer he hang up -

Post by SE Wisconsin,

231-451-2211 Received a call from -- on at : AM, the CNAM read as "Unavailable -" The call was automatically blocked by my PhoneTray software so I have no other details that I can report -

Post by Oh, PLEEEZ call me back!!!,

2314512211 Received call at :pm east coast time on my home # - First person to talk to me had a bad connection but told me that he was urgently calling about messages from my Windows computer that there were parties trying to hack in - After my questions to clarify who was calling and why - evidently my repetitious questions were above his pay grade - he called in someone with a better phone connection and just as much urgency about my under-attack computer - I was told that they were calling from Windows Tech Support in California, but the area code is evidently from Michigan - They gave me the purchase date of the Windows computer in question, namely () but could not tell me from where i "purchased" it - They wanted to make sure my computer was plugged in and started to direct me to log on so they could "fix the problem" remotely - I asked why i shouldn't just bring it down to the store, and was told that they wouldn't fix it at the store - After about minutes, I finally disclosed them as the con artists they are by revealing that I do not own a Windows computer - At that point, the caller devolved to insulting me and finally hung up - (((By the way, the longest record that I know of to keep an unsolicited telemarketer on the line is a guy who chatted for minutes with someone selling heating units - At the end of the conversation, answering all his questions, even going down to the cellar to see what was down there, the infuriated telemarketer had to conclude that the guy had a nuclear reactor in the basement - He did not sell a furnace on that call -)))

Post by Ribby,

231-451-2211 Called right @ pm & lady with heavy Indian accent informed me I have several "Windows Errors" on my computer - I informed them that was impossible as I have an Apple and she hung up - :) Blocked # -

Post by lol,

2314512211 I just love it when people make their story more then it is -

Post by mark,

231-451-2211 prank hang up call

Post by KM,

2314512211 He's a scammer -  He wants to trick you into letting him install malware on your computer and pay him to do it -  Congratulations on not falling for it -

Post by JB,

231-451-2211 Scam

Post by Linda N,

2314512211 This call FROM --, was received on my cell phone -  A male told me my computer was not working properly and "he help me fix" -  I asked how he knew that and was told because he could see it -  I told him he was not telling the truth as my computer was not in use or even turned on -  I told him I was reporting his number as we are on Do Not Call list - As I hung up, he was saying "no -no, I call to help you -"  SCAM -

Post by AMalchiodi,

231-451-2211 Had the same type of caller this morning -- Indian accent "want's to talk with me about my computer" - - I said I didn't want to talk with him about my computer and hung up -  Doesn't take a genius to figure out right away that he's a scammer of some sort -

Post by Rick,

2314512211 post pending moderator approval

Post by NMort,

231-451-2211 "Michael Jones" from "Windows" called me from this number this morning to tell me that my email was hacked -  He had a Indian type accent -  When I said I would call Windows and look into the matter he became very persistent that I needed to fix it with him at that moment -  I asked for a call back number -  The number he gave me was -- -  He urged me to stay on the line because if I called back he "might be busy with other customers" -  He wanted me to prove I knew what I was doing with my computer by going on and checking some numbers -  I hung up -

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