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Recent Comments for 2313985003

Post by Ben,

2313985003 Just got called - Robo call -

Post by Aric,

231-398-5003 called at : EDT - No message -

Post by AnneMarie Costantino,

2313985003 Yeah I got a weird call -I guess nobody's home -

Post by Jess,

231-398-5003 Called, rang twice - No voicemail, called back got a automated message -

Post by Guest,

2313985003 Got a call from this number, but I didn't answer - The caller left no message, so I called the number back - There was no identifying information as to the name of the company or the purpose of the call - An automated answering machine told me to press to be placed on their "do not call" list, which I did - I also blocked the number using an app on my cell phone -

Post by Guest,

231-398-5003 Trying to sell Security systems

Post by Guest,

2313985003 Called more than once - Did not leave message - Will not answer - Nuisance call

Post by Patricia,

231-398-5003 Called me on and left no message - I live in New Jersey and have no friends, family or business connections in Michigan - Very happy with this website and the people who share so that I can just set it aside -

Post by dottie,

2313985003 call my job left no message I'm getting sick and tired of these annoying calls especially on my job - The security guard just transfer calls to my desk - Just sick and tired

Post by Another One,

231-398-5003 No voice mail - Getting blocked -

Post by Guest,

2313985003 Kardashian booty cheese spam

Post by Guest,

231-398-5003 annoying calls daily - - - -need to be able to put a stop to this harrassment - once and for all

Post by jim,

2313985003 called and didn't leave a message no name on caller id

Post by Guest,

231-398-5003 calling me saying something about a home Security

Post by Guest,

2313985003 called and hubg up

Post by Guest,

231-398-5003 Spam caller

Post by Guest,

2313985003 Unknown number, offering security system

Post by Guest,

231-398-5003 Excessive calls

Post by Guest,

2313985003 Automated call for wireless alarm system

Post by Texas,

231-398-5003 Call from this number today; I silenced the phone and then did the quick -click to hang up -  No voicemail was left -  I don't answer unknown callers -

Post by Bonnie,

2313985003 I have received multiple phone calls from the same service, but each has come from a different phone number and from a different state - Completely harmless, but very annoying -

Post by Ann,

231-398-5003 Got called on my work number so I have to answer - Picked up and heard "You are eligible for a home security system" *Click*Sadly I cannot block these numbers are work and I have to answer the phone - But if you get this? Don't answer - Block if you have a cell - Annoying robocall telemarketer -

Post by Guest,

2313985003 security crap

Post by Mariah,

231-398-5003 Called today - Didn't leave a voicemail

Post by dudehuy,

2313985003 Called today, "This is not a sales call - You have been - -" - Hung up, number blocked - It's an automated call -

Post by Guest,

231-398-5003 Security systems annoying

Post by Guest,

2313985003 I was called by this number at work on my desk phone - When I answered, it was a recording saying that I'd been referred by a friend and won some offer for a security system and that I had to be a home owner - It just went on from there, but that's about the point that I hung up - I shared this with some of my co-workers, and a couple of them had received a similar call and hung-up on them as well - The number is shown to be from "Manistee, MI -" I would be very surprised if they call any numbers anywhere near their own district or in their own state (They reached me in middle TN -) - I called the number back, and it was, again, a recording, but this time, the recording was only offering the option to be removed from the calling list - It did not announce the company name, give an option to speak to a representative or take advantage of the original offer - It simply gave the option to be removed from their list - They are certainly up to no good - I sure hope that they get stopped and that no one falls for this CRAP

Post by Billy bob,

231-398-5003 got called by them time I did not know who it was did not answer but now I do because if this website thanks -

Post by Guest,

2313985003 I

Post by Stephanie,

231-398-5003 Called, didn't leave a VM

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