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Recent Comments for 2313372147

Post by clarie,

2313372147 they wont stop calling multiple times a day for days now, no VM - i see others are having this problem but the page doesnt show answers to the posts sooo how is this helpful?

Post by Almost,

231-337-2147 I was called by Confimed Sales and the young lady said I was going to receive in gas coupons if I consented to - for a year - I said yes and then realized it was a scam - The speech became garbled - I told her to repeat everything over and she immediatly said she would call me later - I reported it to Department of Scam and Fraud - Filed a complaint with Do Not Call Registry and I called my credit card company and had them to check the activity on my card - They informed me it must be some type of scam -

Post by traaseret,

2313372147 Another annoying phisher

Post by cissyrae54,

231-337-2147 Received phone calls within a hours period from this number; caller ID indicated "Michigan -"  Answered the rd time; got a rapid-speaking young lady, who I had to ask to slow down so I could understand her -  Apparently they are currently representing themselves as "Vista" services, a "promotional" company -  I cut her off right there and told her I am on the government's "Do Not Call List" and that I would need to report her -  She politely told me that she would place my number on Vista's "Do Not Call" list as well -  I still intend to report them; unless we take action, they will continue to harrass people -

Post by William5419,

2313372147 These clowns called my number times over the last two days, beginning on August , -

Post by Guest,

231-337-2147 I had the same exact scenario as you described - I think the name used was "VISA Confirmation" - They described the same gas coupon deal - They only needed - for shipping, and then it was - a month - I told them that this sounded like a scame, and calmly, and without missing a beat, the lady said, this is not a scam - She said that somehow I was a preferred customer, with what company she could not say, because they have so many transactions - They had my name and the last numbers of my credit card, which I don't know how they got it - They only ask for - for shipping, but once you give them your card #, who knows what they will do with it - They tried to transfer me to "Verification" also, but I told them I did not have a good feeling about this, and hung up -

Post by William5419,

2313372147 Wow  You mentioned the "Swivel Store spice rack" -  Now I wonder if these people, Confirm Sales, which showed up on the Caller ID, are the same people who are associated with "Perfect Meat Loaf" -  Does that ring a bell?And like you, they were trying to send me a gas card when I used my Visa debit card to purchases the newfangled meatloaf pan -

Post by Guest,

231-337-2147 Said they were trying to confirm and order - Never mentioned the company and i havent placed an order for anything lately

Post by LAURA23,


Post by RB,

231-337-2147 I got a second call from this scam group but hung up once they started talking - I knew they were frauds -

Post by jamie,

2313372147 keep getting calls from this number with no message

Post by Eric,

231-337-2147 Been receiving TONS of calls from this number - caller ID says CONFIRMSALES, usually we just let it ring until the maching picks up, then they never leave a message -  Decided I had had enough, I answered the phone -  The lady on the other end said that she was calling to confirm a shippment, and that I was chosen as a VIP or preferred member for using my VISA card -  Said they were going to ship out a gasoline rebate card and all I had to do was pay - shipping cost and would be entered into some kind of rewards program for "stores I already shop at" -  Supposedly there was a day free trial, and if I didn't call to cancel the membership then I would be billed - per month (or year, can't remember) -  Told her I didn't want to sign up, and as all phone solicitors do, they repeated the offer and told me how nice it was to have in free gas and then proceded to assume I wanted to sign up -  I said no or more times before I just said no thanks and said good bye -  We'll see if they stop calling - - I reported them on the Do Not Call website -  You all should do the same -

Post by Guest,

2313372147 Something about an order I placed

Post by Carol,

231-337-2147 I've had three calls today from these people -  When I told the last caller this and to stop calling, his response was "Don't scold me, ma'am" and hung up -  Who are these jerks?

Post by Andrew,

2313372147 I purchased a pair of Skullcandy headphones in June - the cars started yesterday ( ) -  Interesting

Post by K-in-iowa,

231-337-2147 Caller ID listed "confirmsales -" Claimed to be verifying a purchase I had made with Visa card and gave last digits - Claimed they were sending me a in free gas purchases - Woman refused to give me the name of her company -- said they couldn't reveal that I didn't stay on the line long enough to hear the whole scam but it is disturbing that they could correctly identify the last digits of my card -

Post by Bjay,

2313372147 I keep getting these damn calls on my cell phone like times a day - -no joke  I am getting really pissed off - -how do I stop them from calling?

Post by Guest,

231-337-2147 spam

Post by June B Klein,

2313372147 am on do not call list - - what is the point of this list if it is just ignored

Post by madmom,

231-337-2147 Started receiving calls -  Said I ordered something from their department -  Calls from another #, same voice, same message -  I am also on the do not call list -  I will contact my attorney general's office -

Post by Guest,

2313372147 No msg

Post by Crystal,

231-337-2147 Continuously receive calls from this number, --, after I received a call about a company wanting to send me free gas cards - They call times a day and never leave a message and have called as late as pm - I ended up having to call my cell company to have them blocked -

Post by Guest,

2313372147 I started getting calls from this number about five days ago - They call several times a day - I have caller ID and have not answered because I didn't recognize the number and the identifying tag (confirmsales) made no sense as I hadn't ordered anything - Also I am on the federal do not call list - I have filed a complaint with the national do not call registry -

Post by Seth,

231-337-2147 No message left -- multiple calls a day, on the weekends, after pm -

Post by Working man,

2313372147 They have called a work number for several days but leave no message

Post by Guest,

231-337-2147 They won't stop calling

Post by Veronica,

2313372147 Got calls from this number saying they were confirming a shipment - I haven't ordered something so these calls struck me as very odd - Don't know how they got my number but I'd like them to stop -

Post by Doe,

231-337-2147 Received several calls from -- - No message was left - I returned the call - The recorded voice instructed me to press to leave a message - I was then instructed to enter a phone number in which I would like to have my call returned to - Hmm, lets see shall I leave them the local non emergency police number?

Post by maw,

2313372147 I keep getting the same thing today -  Over and over -  called back got same unprofessional message -

Post by Donald Mark,

231-337-2147 Keeps calling, when answered, they hang up or the computer hangs up -  When not answered, they leave a message and states that this call is just an order shipment confirmation to call back - When one calls back they want your phone number -

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