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Recent Comments for 2313372140

Post by Steven,

2313372140 Got the first call tonight -  Did not answer -  Thanks all -

Post by Guest,

231-337-2140 calls within the hour so far, no messages as well - - Glad I didn't answer after seeing these previous reports Grr How do you make it stop??

Post by Kat,

2313372140 Called my cell times - - never left a message -

Post by CW,

231-337-2140 I've received calls from this "order confirmation" number in the past days -  Even though I figured it was bogus call I answered one time to get info on them to report them as I'm on the 'do not call' list -  I agree with others that it is very disturbing they have my email, the last digits of my card and my phone number so I've contacted the FBI's fraud division, my bank of course and also the company I did place an order with weeks ago -  If anyone has placed an order recently I'd advise you to contact them also and your internet provider if you did order something while online, so they can research it on their end as well -  The company I ordered from is very reputable and they looking into this hard - They do send out an email with the shipping date so I believe the breach is through the internet and not the company -  Contact information is shown on that email as well as the last digits of the card you used -  The best way to shut them down is for everyone to report them immediately -  Don't waste your time talking or arguing with them -  Log down the dates and times they've called your number from your caller ID and pass that along to the FBI's fraud division etc -

Post by kathleen,

2313372140 when i got the call it said they were from vista -and the same as above with the dollar gas -But was funny they had my last four from my bank card -but told them i no longer have this card or bank -they even knew what city i live in - - they hung up after i told them this - -i never order anything online -

Post by andzia,

231-337-2140 Hi Ivy, I know that Citibank offers "annonymos" credit card number - They give you an extra c -c number that you can use to purchase things online but it's not your true c -c number so even if someone steels it, they don't get your real info - - I'm not sure if other companies do that -Just a note :) Good luck -

Post by veryannoyed,

2313372140 This call comes across the caller ID as Thank You Call -  I did not answer and they did not leave message -

Post by andzia,

231-337-2140 So, I purchased a pet supply from infomercial and after I did that, different companies started calling me with "Free Gas Free Gift Card" Offers - Obviously, they got my information from that stupid infomercial - I received about calls from this number and I only picked up one call - I yelled at the guy who called me offering me in free gas - He also provided my Mastercard last digit numbers - I told him I'm on national Do Not Call list and if they call me one more time I will take legal acions against them and I hang up on him - Right after that call, I called my credit card company and I told them about all these companies who got hold of my credit card and I requested to get a new card and closed the old card - I don't want to end up with identity theft and it looks like these companies are giving my personal information right and left -

Post by Guest,

2313372140 spam - - recording in spanish

Post by Johnny,


Post by Upset Gram,

2313372140 I may be old, but not stupid - - -These jerks have also called me times today with the last four digits of a credit card - - -I asked four times for them to remove my name and number from their lists - -I did not order anything and I wasn't about to - -they don't speak or understand English - - -Butt Heads

Post by Guest,

231-337-2140 Nasty

Post by Suzyg,

2313372140 I get three calls a day from these guys -  This time, it was 'unavailable' -  The guy offered a gas card -  I messed with him -  Started asking him all kinds of questions -  Told him I was only -  I think I pissed him off -  LOL

Post by WC,

231-337-2140 This caller has called me times so far - -how do they get our numbers -  I have now added to my reject list hopefully this will stop it but this is my second time I have had to block bogus numbers -  Thank you all for the posts -

Post by BillyNY,

2313372140 This is the same as "IORDERSCONFIRM" with another phone number -  They tried calling me with -- for two weeks straight -  This is indeed a scam  It's based somehere in Michigan, and they're trying to get you to give them the whole credit card number instead of only the digits they can get from receipts or some such thing -

Post by Cheryl,

231-337-2140 I've received calls from this number over the past few days -  Also received one call from a similar number () - -  I haven't answered any calls and they haven't left any messages -  Thanks for everyone who posted info about these calls -  I'm adding the numbers to my "reject" list

Post by C,

2313372140 I have gotten numerous calls from this number for the past days -  I have answered none of them -  After reading these posts I will be reporting this to the State police ASAP -

Post by cash66,

231-337-2140 THERE BACK  -- and here's another phone # they might us:  -- -They'll also call from a unkown # -  All from Michigan -Thank's Stem Cell Therapy from BioLogic for giving my info away -

Post by Guest,

2313372140 keeps callin or times everyday - -only lets it ring three times never anyone there -wish I ould get it to stop

Post by Red,

231-337-2140 These guys are still going strong - I've gotten four of these calls today, spaced minutes apart -- I haven't answered any of them -- and I expect another call in around twenty minutes - - They're calling my cell phone, so from what I understand, they're definitely breaking the law -I just bought some toner for my printer online a few days ago, I wonder if this is related?

Post by Guest,

2313372140 - -

Post by Sandy,

231-337-2140 Got the same thing after ordering the Fushigi ball online -

Post by Ms L,

2313372140 This is the second time I've received this phone call - The first time was about months ago, the guy had the last digits of my card number and when I told him it was not a credit card number he hung up on me -  I was really concerned, so I cancelled my debit card and got a completely new number, and have not made any online purchases since - - HOW CAN THEY HAVE MY CELL PHONE NUMBER? ( -I can't even find my friends cell numbers online)  I just got a second call yesterday,  a woman this time, (with a lot of background noise, again)  still trying to give me gas vouchers - - I asked if she could give me any information about my "recent purchase" or what company I am a "preferred customer" with and she said she could not because "they do not recieve that information" -  I can't imagine this is not a scam - Do not give out your information to anyone that calls you I'm hoping this all ends soon and these scammers or telemarketers or whoever they are get shut down

Post by Guest,

231-337-2140 yes has been calling and never leaves messages - super annoying Calls - times a day - at the worst times I can hear a lady with a guy who said " did she answer" and what sounds like an airport in the background -

Post by Guest,

2313372140 Has called times today and never leaves a message - I have no idea who it is but will not answer it, especially if they don't leave a message -

Post by LV,

231-337-2140 I got a call from "Vista Marketing" saying I would get "something" (gas, cash or whatever) -  They had the last digits of my card and new my name and wanted verify information -  I told them the card was no longer effective (which it isn't) and they immediately hung up -  VERY DISTURBING and really made me mad as I am also on the Do Not Call registry -

Post by mad as hell,

2313372140 This guy is going down -  I hope the basterd will call back so I can tell him The f - - FBI is after him now -

Post by Kay,

231-337-2140 I just filed a complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry - Hope this helps others

Post by Kay,

2313372140 I have been getting calls a couple times a day from this number - It is from Mc Bain, MI - No messages ever left for me - I'm sure it is a scam -

Post by Guest,

231-337-2140 Keeps calling phone - Unsolicited -

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