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Recent Comments for 2313031723

Post by DC,

2313031723 They called me today as well, did not answer -  Glad everyone is posting -

Post by Guest,

231-303-1723 calls and hangs up or dead air

Post by JJ,

2313031723 Rang once and hung up - Idiot scammer -

Post by Rg,

231-303-1723 They just called my cell -  Didnt know them so I didnt answer -

Post by David,

2313031723 Called my cell and hung up after just half a ring - I'm in FL -

Post by Susan,

231-303-1723 Another call, they just hung up after two rings -

Post by Guest,

2313031723 Just got called by this number an hour ago - Hung up after two rings -

Post by pissed off,

231-303-1723 I think I got this call after ordering from --flowers -

Post by Guest,

2313031723 Received this number on my cell phone as a missed call and they left no voice mail, so I looked it up on here first before returning the call - Glad I did -

Post by Guest,

231-303-1723 saying something that I was on their website a complete lie and that they had a one hundred dollar gift card - All lies

Post by john,

2313031723 Got call on at pm pacific, late in Michigan, they must be fishing by time zone -

Post by mason,

231-303-1723 I'm pretty sure it's a scam it's a northern Michigan phone number but they do not leave a message -

Post by Jodi,

2313031723 Just called my cell, too  I never answer if they're not family -  Blocking -

Post by Guest,

231-303-1723 call came in, no message left

Post by Guest,

2313031723 Do not answer probably telemarkers calling to find out if this is a working number

Post by Guest,

231-303-1723 Rang twice (:am and :am) and hung up before I could get to my cell - No message was left -

Post by liz,

2313031723 Scam -

Post by Chris sikes,

231-303-1723 So I am not the only one and my phone says its from Michigan

Post by Kat,

2313031723 That's exactly what happened to me too They asked me to give them my debit card number and everything for winning some type of retail gift card - - So scary

Post by Owen,

231-303-1723 Well this is interesting - -im not the only one who has gotten a call from this number on a cell phone - -this is weird

Post by Guest,

2313031723 Two calls with a hang up after the first ring - No message left -

Post by Guest,

231-303-1723 Received a one-ring call to my cell -

Post by Christella Joseph,

2313031723 They told me the same thing and I deactivate my bank card right after because they ask me for a lot of information about my card number so they won't be able to take money from me

Post by Guest,

231-303-1723 Hung up with no comment

Post by Marie,

2313031723 They called me, rang twice then hung up -

Post by Guest,

231-303-1723 The caller calls and hangs up after two rings been calling my wife and I's phone

Post by john,

2313031723 Got call on at pm pacific, late in Michigan, they must be fishing by time zone -

Post by Ed,

231-303-1723 Just called and hung up after ring -

Post by Guest,

2313031723 Spam

Post by Christella,

231-303-1723 Block their number in your phone

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