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Post by guest,

2312923035 scam calls

Post by Guest,

231-292-3035 they left a text saying that Attn, Cars from mo Bad Credut accepted For local listings go to www -GreatCarsUSA,com and left a code for me put in a car code

Post by hates scam artist,

2312923035 called telling me the warrenty is up on my car -  couldn't tell me which car -  wanted me to tell them my car and all the info on it -  can't call the number back -

Post by KP,

231-292-3035 Caller id showed "out of area"The message left on machine was by a man with heavy accent that I could barely understand saying that he"s :"AMAN from First Niagara Bank-Plymouth branch and to call him back" -I looked up  the number and it has no connection with that bank - -and on the banks website  there is no branch listed in Plymouth  CT -

Post by diva mihelic,

2312923035 please stop calling

Post by Guest,

231-292-3035 Your can hear sweat shop noise than they hang up

Post by Guest,

2312923035 Prompt Recovery Services showed up on my credit report in - It related to an emergency room visit for my daughter, which I'd paid in full - I contacted them and started getting ugly calls, and when I repeatedly asked for documentation of the debt I was told things from "we've sent it, and you're lying" to "we don't have to send you anything" - I filed a dispute with the cbs, and sent them a letter via certified mail - It was deleted from TU and foolishly I believed it had been removed from the other two - More to the story, but not in under characters -

Post by Guest,

231-292-3035 Tellamarketer

Post by Lannette Yancey,

2312923035 They call me 5-10 times a day but no one leaves a message!

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