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Recent Comments for 2312242030

Post by campbell,

2312242030 Received a call from this number at pm and no message -  I called it back and it's a honda research center wanting to ask us questions about our honda -  It's a recording and it doesn't tell you who to contact to remove your name from the list -  VERY annoying

Post by Mar,

231-224-2030 I have been getting calls daily from this number, three nights in a row - They are not answering when I pick up - They don't leave a message -

Post by Guest,

2312242030 We get a phone call every night for last days - We answer the phone and no one is there -

Post by Erica,

231-224-2030 This has to be a scam - I have never owned a Honda -

Post by JDK,

2312242030 I like Honda - I'll help them out - I missed their recent call, but hope to catch the next one -But - - they should really leave a message - Even if there is no number to call back, they could inform us of who they are -This is an area where this survey experience needs improving and would probably return better results to them  as people may actually want to answer -Caller ID: --Caller: Honda

Post by Mae,

231-224-2030 I do not want this number to be calling me anymore   I'm tired of getting these calls from people or companies I have nothing to do with -   How did they get my number anyway ,   I live in NC for heavens sakes -  

Post by egr,

2312242030 I've received a call yesterday :PM EST -

Post by Ted,

231-224-2030 Got call from this # and when answered they hung up -

Post by Bev,

2312242030 THANK YOU  Very helpful information -  I appreciate that -

Post by RV,

231-224-2030 this num called, nobody on line-got it in two rings-had Honda oil changed weeks ago

Post by Guest,

2312242030 Unknown # didn't leave a message -

Post by pat,

231-224-2030 You can try to file a complaint to the National DO Not Call Registry

Post by Greg Beck,

2312242030 I took my Honda CR-V in for an oil change two weeks ago - Three days later I began receiving a call from these knuckle-dragging mouth-breathing morons everyday between and : PM - They never leave a message - Today I decided to pick up the phone before it went to the answering machine, and have a debate with these cretins - Dead air on their end for about seconds - I could hear a shemale talking to another sub-human in the background - Gonna call my dealer tomorrow and insist that they call Honda headquarters and tell these master-debaters to cease and desist their silly reindeer games before I [***] slap them into oblivion - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year -

Post by Mike,

231-224-2030 If there is no one on the line when you DO pick up - As many people here, including myself have stated, how exactly are we supposed to proceeed?I think Adrian just might be a shill working the websites on behalf of Honda - I've seen posts like this from the name Adrian elsewhere -Mike

Post by Pat,

2312242030 I own a honda too, and just service weeks ago, But I already got a call from honda with area code and it is from florida last week, and this week I times called form --

Post by Guest,

231-224-2030 Received calls, no messages left -

Post by Paul,

2312242030 Me, too Strange - -

Post by englishmajor,

231-224-2030 Correct: "you're offended"Dumbass: "your offended"

Post by lauren,

2312242030 Have called every evening for the past nights - Doesn't leave name or number or message, and when I pick up its nothing - grr

Post by RBF,

231-224-2030 Same thing happen to me -Said hello several times no one replied,but was still on the line -So I hung up

Post by snickums,

2312242030 Well then I wonder why they are calling my cell phone which I rarely use and do not now no have ever in my yrs owned a Honda

Post by Olivia,

231-224-2030 Just got a call from that number and decided to research it - This is odd -

Post by LKK mom,

2312242030 It's so annoying to pick up the phone without respond -

Post by PGL,

231-224-2030 I get this call daily - It's very annoying

Post by Bosco,

2312242030 One call to my cell phone -  I didn't answer -  I do own a Honda, though - -

Post by Jld,

231-224-2030 Received calls from this no - Last night and this morning -

Post by annoyed,

2312242030 This is pathetic i am on do not call registries and it is highly illegal for a company to call and not leave a message and if ti is anamated too bad it is illegal - why dont we all get together and sue- k for the company and the person calling - if that person is animated or automated it goes back to company another k

Post by Beverly McGuire,

231-224-2030 I am being called by this number and do not want unsolicited calls from this number and want them to stop - I am not answering calls from this number

Post by Lynda,

2312242030 I have had them call me, and I dont have a Honda, nor have I ever gone to get my car fixed there, but they probably think the number belongs to somebody else -

Post by SKinWI,

231-224-2030 Just got a call - simple - min survey about recent visit to dealership about service -  

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