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Post by Guest,

2298344696 delete this

Post by Guest,

229-834-4696 Dont no who this is

Post by Guest,

2298344696 the caller was chidren stating sorry my children are so excited about getting the new phone - they dialed the wrong number - They called numerous of time within an hours time - They left messages on my voice mail -

Post by Michelle from PA,

229-834-4696 Received text from number --- - Text read Hey this is Susan - Can you install TextMe please so we can call and text each other for free? i -xtmeus uv iMYfqA

Post by Guest,

2298344696 This is collection agency - Guy called me told there was gonna be a judgment against me in bell county and they needed to get my statement or this was gonna end not in my favor - Blah blah lah - Just collection agency trying to scare me to pay a debt that wasn't even on my credit report -

Post by Phx,

229-834-4696 ID      EnvironmentAnybody else receiving calls from    --    telling you not to litter your streets ?Interesting   Who do we think is behind, therefore paying, for these pre-recorded "reminder" calls ?             -      local state federal government   ?             -      a political party   ?In these economic times, this kind of crap is no funny nor appreciated -

Post by Guest,

2298344696 They have been calling my house daily, and finally I answered - The very pushy guy asked for my father, but didn't know how to say his last name - He then knew MY married name, which is no longer my legal name - Then he asked me how I know my father, as he didn't know he was looking for my father, and I said I knew him but haven't seen him in over a decade - He sounded shocked in a Broadway Stage type of way - He wanted to know why he has my number for the person he's looking for and I asked him what in the heck he wants and why is he calling my number? He said it was concerning a "litigation" and it was extremely urgent - I told him to let me know if he finds who he's looking for because I'm pretty sure the man has nothing - And then he goes "oh, hahaha, you think I'm suing HIM That's great You've really been less than helpful" and hung up -

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229-834-4696 This number is now blocked

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