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Recent Comments for 2293976518

Post by gc,

2293976518 I didn't answer it called at :pm it was the second call today for credit card scam

Post by Annoyed,

229-397-6518 This number has been calling both my home number and cell - They do not leave any message - They call at any time - What's annoying I'm on the do not call list -

Post by Guest,

2293976518 after pressing # (I wanted to have them take me off their list) a foreigner began to babble and thank me for contacting them - They contacted me - This is most likely a scam to phish for information - The number was from Cairo, GA - -

Post by Harrassed,

229-397-6518 Disturbing phone call - although I am on a do not call list - After this call - my calls started going to voice mail

Post by Trying to work,

2293976518 Persistent calls to my employee telephone -  Have asked them not to call back with no luck -  Can you make them stop?

Post by Wendy Garza,

229-397-6518 I continue to get call from this number on my cell number regarding lowering my credit card rate -  I finally got tired of these robo calls and clicked # to speak to a person -  I got a person and I ask her to please remove my number from their records only to get told by the person to "pay my f------ bill" and she then she hung up  I tried to call back and all I get  is message that the number is no longer is service?  This is harassment Who can I contact?

Post by Iowa,

2293976518 Luckily bad reception, but glad I couldn't hear

Post by Guest,

229-397-6518 Another scam which I will block -

Post by Guest,

2293976518 credit card processor

Post by Guest,

229-397-6518 Thanks for the scammer heads up - I answered and nothing was said -

Post by Guest,

2293976518 Hung up

Post by Guest,

229-397-6518 lower credit card interest rate gimmick - Took five minutes to answer back and then they hung up - Call back is unlisted changed number -

Post by RW Hirsch,

2293976518 They call all the time - Please stop calling

Post by bydotwanho,

229-397-6518 Got a call on my cell phone but didn't recognize the number and didn't answer - I wanted to check here first before calling back - Glad I did - Thanks to all who took the time to report this number -

Post by JG,

2293976518 Called to "lower my credit card interest rates" -    I pressed to speak to an agent to remove my number and they hung up on me -

Post by Price,

229-397-6518 just received a call from this # but did not answer - No message was left for a return call - Glad I did not answerSecond scam call today, first my spouse's phone and now mine

Post by kelly,

2293976518 Recieved a call on my mobile phone from -- on at:am EDT - No Caller ID displayed - Did not answer and no message was left -Based on the comments posted it seems that this is another number being used by the "Card Services" scam - I have added the number to my GV block list -

Post by Guest,

229-397-6518 Credit card SPAM

Post by G,

2293976518 Keep receiving calls from this number, I am on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY - press # to speak to representative, when I tell them to remove my number they hang up on me - These calls need to be stopped -

Post by Guest,

229-397-6518 "cardmember services"

Post by Michelle,

2293976518 Got connected to a rep who said they could lower my interest rate to % on whatever Visa card I chose - Told her it seemed strange that they were letting me pick the card and weren't identifying a specific company or bank - I said I did not feel comfortable doing this over the phone - She suggested that her company mail me additional info which I agreed to and then we got disconnected; what a surprise (insert sarcasm here -) Really glad I was skeptical - If it sounds too good to be true, - -  

Post by Guest,

229-397-6518 Credit card spam from "Rachel"

Post by SLR,

2293976518 Just received a call from this # - hung up immediately upon hearing "credit card -"

Post by Riverwalk,

229-397-6518 Didn't recognize the number, so didn't answer the call - They left no message -

Post by T,

2293976518 Got a call from this # @ : this morning - Didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number - No message left - Call came in showing number but no location -

Post by Ken T,

229-397-6518    Spam

Post by Jasper,

2293976518 Rec'd two calls this am but did not pick up -

Post by Guest,

229-397-6518 Annoying credit card telemarketer

Post by Guest,

2293976518 hung up when answer machine picked up, no message, robocall telemarketing at its best

Post by Guest,

229-397-6518 calls and makes harassing comments

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