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2293825801 Salesman -

Post by leavemealone,


Post by Guest,

2293825801 Harassers

Post by Aaron,

229-382-5801 This number called me today at approximately pm today and again last week - Each time all I heard was heavy breathing even when I kept saying "hello" - I am so ready to report them

Post by Steve J,

2293825801 This number calls my work cell every few weeks, but when I answer a recorded voice informs me that all representatives are busy -  This is very odd since they called me -  I always hang up but they need to state their business and stop wasting my time since I refuse to hold when I don't even know why I'm holding -  I'm busy  I've only had this phone number since May , -

Post by Guest,

229-382-5801 Bill collection agency

Post by Guest,

2293825801 Not cure what they are calling for are if they have the correct person - They still call with question -

Post by Guest,

229-382-5801 Debt collector based in Tifton Ga - Collects bills for the local hospital, TRMC -

Post by Guest,

2293825801 They said nothing -

Post by Guest,

229-382-5801 Telemarketing

Post by Guest,

2293825801 They don't care

Post by eyeballtfb,

229-382-5801 The keep calling my cell number

Post by Guest,

2293825801 Credit bureau

Post by Guest,

229-382-5801 Crazy

Post by Guest,

2293825801 Bill collecter from cba calling

Post by Guest,

229-382-5801 Not familiar with this tel# or this company - They called a family member's cell and asked for me - Neither of us had dealings with them - "Is this legal"? It was requested that both #'s be removed -

Post by Guest,

2293825801 Bill collect

Post by Guest,

229-382-5801 bill collector - -CBA

Post by Guest,

2293825801 Dey didnt say nun

Post by Guest,

229-382-5801 Stop

Post by Guest,

2293825801 Collection agency

Post by Guest,

229-382-5801 Don't know why they are calling

Post by Guest,

2293825801 Bill collection agency

Post by Guest,

229-382-5801 Called and put me into an immediate hold or I could call back - I hung up and called back only to be put in a hold loop - I am sorry, if they are a debt collector then they would be quick to be on the phone for your money not put you on hold -

Post by TexasTornado,

2293825801 Received a call from this number at about :am today - Did not leave a message and hung up when the machine picked up -

Post by diane,

229-382-5801 I got one for a bill that the hospotal said i don't owe -  they do not even use them for collections -  BE CAREFUL -  Billing department says do not give out any info to them -

Post by Guest,

2293825801 Harassment

Post by jag,

229-382-5801 They are not just a collection agency,they also handle billing for companies - I know that they handle the billing for the local hospital - I've dealt with them for years in making hospital payments and have never experienced anyone that was rude or harassing - If they keep calling your number, maybe you should answer and find out why -They are just doing their job -

Post by black diesel smoke,

2293825801 Hateful collection agency tring to collect a debt from someone with a similar name as me - First off they accused me of the account I attemted to explain it wasnt mine Attendant wanted alot of my personal information to verify - I wouldnt give it, collection agency people kept on and on - finally they hung up - They are harrassing people a necessary but truly terrible company -

Post by Guest,

229-382-5801 Keep calling all day

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