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Post by James,

2285235000 This is with the V -A to remind you to see the CRAZY Dr - if you are craazy like me - Lol

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

228-523-5000 Pervert

Post by Guest,

2285235000 VA Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care Systems in Biloxi, MS (VA Hospital) not spam -

Post by TJ,

228-523-5000 I'm not in the VA -  I don't have any immediate family in the VA -  I've lived in Florida all my life -  I'm registered on the national do not call list, plus they called on my cell -  I didn't answer immediately because I work nights, but as a result of the nature of my job, I have to always be on call for emergencies -  When I called back nobody knew why I was called,  so they transferred me until somebody didn't answer and I left a message -  Not good enough for me -  I'm awake now, so I will continue to call until I speak with someone who can tell me why I was called and assure me I will never be contacted by the organization again -

Post by Guest,

2285235000 This number is registered to the Biloxi VA (Veterans Affairs) - I'm a vet so it's not spam for me -

Post by chloe,

228-523-5000 this is the mail phone # of the VA in biloxi, ms - perfectly ok - no scamer unless you are an illegal

Post by Bob,

2285235000 Medical appt for the person born on December

Post by Guest,

228-523-5000 unblock

Post by Shawn,

2285235000 Thanks for the info, James -  They have called the past days I guess to remind me of my appt -  You would think they'd know a schizophrenic wouldn't answer any unknown phone numbers -

Post by Guest,

228-523-5000 VA Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care Systems in Biloxi, MS (VA Hospital) not spam -

Post by Guest,

2285235000 VA GulfCoast operator number

Post by Chols,

228-523-5000 Called pm Eastern - Left no message - I haven't lived in Biloxi for years and have never been associated with the VA

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