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Recent Comments for 2282241335

Post by sandy,

2282241335 just got a call at my job from this number, first the call came in on my cell and caller id listed call from Japan - when i didnt answer, they called my desk phone - first time i answered they said i had a legal matter - I hung up and they called back - I sent it to Voice mail and an Asian guy name "Roy Jackson" left a message saying i was going to be evicted - what a creep

Post by LtDarkstar,

228-224-1335 These SCAMMERS have been pushing not just debt consolidation but also satellite systems, etc - (Check out whocalled -us) - They have called our phone number several times and have been told to place us on the remove list, they are breaking the law and harassing our unlisted number - Yesterday some indian lady called from this number and I told her she is breaking the law and i'd notify the police if we weren't removed immediately, didn't phase them at all and they immediately hung up on me - I've notified the FCC on them too - Anyone live in the area of the phone number want to stop over at their office if we find where it is and smack them with a nice LART (baseball bat or backho would work well) - Check out my data at clandarkstar -com on these idiots

Post by Guest,

2282241335 This number sends me nude photos - - And I'm unsure as to whom this person is - -

Post by T,

228-224-1335 I finally answered and it was a guy named Jim Dorsey from FRS - I can't find anything on the company -

Post by Guest,

2282241335 Got a threatening text at am - This area code is nowhere near me but they referenced coming to my town to kick my f'n skull in -

Post by Georgia,

228-224-1335 Bill Collector with a pre-recorded message asking for a specific person -

Post by Guest,

2282241335 This number has been blocked -

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