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Recent Comments for 2282072015

Post by Jan,

2282072015 Another call from this number, caller I D shows Quida Matturri?? This person never leaves a message

Post by Guest,

228-207-2015 They call my number in Maine all the time, too - I screen and don't answer, but would love to get them to stop showing up

Post by Guest,

2282072015 called at - am - - -

Post by Guest,

228-207-2015 Regular calls that don't stop over the past several months - Usually a hangup but this time a woman asked me by name and when I acknowledged she hung up - Worried that they are identity thieves especially after seeing these other comments - Also could be canvassing homes for burglery -

Post by Guest,

2282072015 Are all the recipients of this call located in Maine? If so how can we connect the dots to see how this number person obtained our telephone number? There's got to be a common thread here

Post by Jsr,

228-207-2015 Got a call - Didn't answer and they didn't leave a message - Caller ID name says "Matturri, Ouida"

Post by Jan,

2282072015 Received a call from this number a short time ago,which I did not recognize or answer, no message Caller I D shows the name Quida Matturri?? I don't know anyone by that name

Post by Guest,

228-207-2015 I don't know who this is - Receive calls several times a week, but never leaves a message

Post by Guest,

2282072015 I don't know who this is - Receive calls several times a week, but never leaves a message - When I search by number, I get the above name (not what's on my caller ID) and address - When I search by the name on caller ID, I get a different addess and phone number--www -com name Ouida-J-Matturri Biloxi-MS xhyd

Post by Guest,

228-207-2015 The call from this number had stopped but started again - Scam I'm in Maine -

Post by Glenna,

2282072015 Did not answer - Have already been getting annoying calls from"Windows tech support" - Thats a scam also -

Post by Guest,

228-207-2015 Calls daily - once I see the name on caller ID, I don't answer - So much for being on the Do Not Call List - - seems like I receive more of these calls since I signed up -

Post by Annoyed,

2282072015 Over it -  Stop calling me -

Post by MYOB,

228-207-2015 Yes, Perky lady claiming to be from Breast Cancer fund raiser -

Post by Guest,

2282072015 Shows as a Biloxi author Ouida Matturri

Post by Guest,

228-207-2015 Calls from this number have started again - - had about two month reprieve - I screen calls so do not answer and they do not leave a message -

Post by fox,

2282072015 Yes Pam, I live in Maine and also get these calls - I just ignore them -

Post by Jan,

228-207-2015 I just received a call from this number'which I did not recognize or answer - - - -no message Caller I D shows the name Quida Matturri??

Post by Guest,

2282072015 Called my home number again - Asked for me by my first name but hung up when caller realized was my answering machine - Came up as Ouida Matturri - likely a scam -

Post by Deb,

228-207-2015 Ouida Matturri is actually the name of an author of a book that Amazon sells "Dear Jon"

Post by KLB,

2282072015 Just got a call from this number earlier this evening on our answering machine -  She was talking after the announcement finished and all we caught was "like to talk to the MAN of the house -" If she is allegedly soliciting money for breast cancer research, why the heck  did she want to speak to the MAN of the house?  Sounds suspicious to me

Post by Guest,

228-207-2015 Appears to be another scumbag bothering people that do not want to be bothered -

Post by koufax8,

2282072015 Got the call - They hung up whebn answering machine answered - I dialed them back - Got a recording about Breast Cancer Awareness - Click "" followed by # sign to be removed from their calling list -

Post by Guest,

228-207-2015 They call regularly and hang up when it goes to voice mail - I do not answer calls I don't recognize - The name that shows up on caller I -d - is Ouida Matturri - Probably a phony name too since the ones that make these types of calls tend to be cowards with zero morals

Post by Guest,

2282072015 Calls often - No message left -

Post by new cancer patient gets call to donate,

228-207-2015 Wow, that didn't take long - Two weeks after inputting my data to the local cancer center I get a call from -- Matturri Ouida  a crooning lovely warm compassionate voice asking for donations to support breast cancer patients? Coincidence?It is a full-on automaton voice, and its script changes with your response to funnel you into pledging - After asking its name five times, it becomes really realllllllly sorrrrrry that it cannot understand me and puts my side on mute, then says I'm breaking up, then says I need to call another number -Yes, please, I would like to have a telephone-ectomy -

Post by mten,

2282072015 Seemed to soliciting money for Breast cancer -  Was looking for donations -  I told the lady I wasn't interested in receiving info -  

Post by Sandy,

228-207-2015 Got a call from this number and no message was left -  Came up on Caller ID as follows:Matturri, Ouida--

Post by Jane Schors,

2282072015 This number keeps coming up on my caller ID weird name don't answer it - -how does one stop it??

Post by Zinderella,

228-207-2015 Received a message from this phone # - - -my call display reads 'Ouida Matturri' - -the message was a woman saying 'Hi, this is Angela - -' and then she hung up -

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