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Recent Comments for 2282066966

Post by Brittany,

2282066966 He called my grandmother and said He was looking for me and gave her a case number as well and when I called him back It said the person was not availabl.

Post by Courtney,

228-206-6966 Just got a bunch of annoying texts wanting to know if I was busy, if I wanted to talk, etc. Called me "babe" and acted surprised that I didn't know  who it was.

Post by Guest,

2282066966 U dip?

Post by Called her back,

228-206-6966 My husband answered a call from this number.  Lisa Bayer showed up on caller ID.  I wasn't available at the time.  He asked if he could take a message for me and she rudely said no and hung up on him.  I called her back because she called us on a Sunday and wasn't familiar with the name nor the number.  When she answered, I asked if I could get her name and she said I had the wrong number and hung up on me.

Post by Joseph swindell,

2282066966 Seems like the same old same old gang of white collar criminals going around calling people telling them that they are in some sort of legal jeopardy due to some highly questionable or non-existent debt.   Don't know where they are located.  Or who they actually work for.  May be just a gang basically; a bunch of crooks working out of someone's house or some beat- up old commercial building.  I think the calls originate in Texas.  Do not return their calls.  Ignore them and block their calls.   Threats are a giveaway that they are debt scammers. They are trying to scare you by saying Have your attorney call as if you were in some sort of legal jeapardy.  Being in debt is not a crime and you can't be arrested for it.Report them:http:www.consumer.ftc.govarticles-debt-collectionAlso contact your local attorney generalIf they continue to bother you, tell them that you know this is  a debt scam and that you are making a complaint to the police for extortion.  Once you get a copy of the police report and they call you again , just read out the  file number and the name of the PD or Sheriff’s office involved.   Tell them you’ll be glad to send a copy to them at whatever address the jack***es are working out of now.  If you can find them. This group is little better than a gang of extortionists.

Post by melissa,

228-206-6966 I work for an insurance company also. these people make me so angry that I want to scratch my own eyeballs out. Outsourcing in general make me angry, because as an American I want Americans to have these jobs. That's what's wrong with this country today

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