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Recent Comments for 2282061123

Post by Mudd,

2282061123 First of all, a different number sent a boobie pic to my bf - Asked him why he was depressed and knew about his dad that died - He couldnt get an answer on who it was - Then later i get a text from THIS number saying why am i messing up my relationship with him and i dont deserve him, that "she" would take care of him -  Lets just say the response i wrote back made me a bit more of a psycho queen than what this person appears to be, because i havent heard a response back since - LOL The only way this person could have known anything is through our Facebook - Even though my number isnt listed, i still dont know how they got to me -

Post by Guest,

228-206-1123 Crazy Stalker

Post by no worries,

2282061123 I too received numerous texts from this number today - I looked up the number and it was from Mississipi - SINCE i do not know anyone in Mississipi, i figured it must be someone that I know who has my cell # -  I replied with " Oh you are too funny - -" The person text me back "huh?" -  Even though I still didn't know who was texting me I text them back, "You are so funny, but I got your number and I did the same prank to you last year; lol - -bwahaha" That is when, my evil sister-n-law called me from her phone laughing - So, don't be scared by these calls, it's just a mean prank by someone you know or wish you never knew -

Post by Stupid People,

228-206-1123 I also got two very nasty text messeages from this number -  Of course I didnt reply but people are stupid -

Post by peed off,

2282061123 If you reply to the texts, you will be charged as I've just found out - Ignore these messages and hopefully the saddo will get bored

Post by Don't Worry,

228-206-1123 This is either a nut or SPAM, I called my cellphone carrier and they blocked the number for me, this person DOES NOT know you, don't worry, it's just random texts, a lot of people have been harassed unfortunately

Post by nobody,

2282061123 I got u

Post by noway,

228-206-1123 The developer is bgeek and if you contact them they will disclose the information you want - No questions asked

Post by Guest,

2282061123 Stop calling with sex ads

Post by lozz,

228-206-1123 ps: im from the uk

Post by Tiffany,

2282061123 It was very helpful, hopefully it works

Post by Guest,

228-206-1123 Its an APP - Anyone can use this on their phone to change the number on your caller ID, this number shows up instead of their true number - More then likely it is someone you know calling you and changing the number so you don't know its them -

Post by alw,

2282061123 My friend just received a txt from this number and we are in california saying thinking of u bad lately, when asked who it was they said nobody special i just cant' shake you from my head sorry to bother you - i was going to say some more stuff but prob a bad idea again sorry - WTF This is pretty freaking creepy

Post by Me,

228-206-1123 This number showed up as a text message - Please see the dialog that followed:--: The antelope cries at midnight - The muskrat has stolen his nickel - -Me: Hey nut job, who are you and how did you get my number?--: They call me Mr - Senator -Me: Okay Senator Nut Job, how did you get my number?End of conversation -

Post by Wut,

2282061123 I received sms from this number saying "Want to hook up when can we?" - -Dafuck

Post by Guest,

228-206-1123 Threatening text messages

Post by Guest,

2282061123 Unsolicited texts

Post by YICNIS,

228-206-1123 My wife received a message from this number saying "have a good stay -A" while we were out of town, after all I've heard about the number I am wondering why anyone hasnt caught this person - If anyone does have info on this person I would like to know -

Post by PX,

2282061123 I have had a run in with this number and I have found out that this is a number that is put out by an application on smart phones - The person that is texting is likely a person that knows you - Of course the number can not be traced and you can't call it -

Post by weirded out,

228-206-1123 this person knew my name  freaky

Post by Guest,

2282061123 If this number is out of service the phone company's police need to either remove the number from use or bust the POS that's using it

Post by concerned,

228-206-1123 Check on craigslist for Gulfport MS - - - -she's  there

Post by Guest,

2282061123 just text me today

Post by Kayla,

228-206-1123 This number texted me asking if I wanted to do some side work for to give him a merry Christmas also new my nameWTH

Post by PX,

2282061123 I have had a run in with this number and I have found out that this is a number that is put out by an application on smart phones - The person that is texting is likely a person that knows you - Of course the number can not be traced and you can't call it -

Post by olivia brandy ruiz nava,

228-206-1123 I just saw the reply blaming myself and my boyfriend anastacio echeveria for these texts - neither of us woukd do something so childish - we have been having problems with my bf's ex Davlynn Kealoha and shevhas been making fake g+ accts abd sending us messages - she is nuts and i  am sure she has something to do with this

Post by Don't Worry,

2282061123 Hey I live in Canada too and this number was harassing me too, just ignore it, it's crap

Post by Mrs.Babykitty,

228-206-1123 i thought that i got this text from some girl i have been fighting with but used Spokeo and found out it was some random person i am in shock that this is happening

Post by L,

2282061123 This number is from free texting im assuming bc i got a text n she said her name was Dorinda Wongus sayin off the wall stuff - n i tried callin it n it sayin its not in service - so it may of been her everyone jut sayin -

Post by freaked out,

228-206-1123 i just got a text msg from this # - -saying -you better watch your man - -you have no idea - And then a new girl friend of mine just got a text from the same # saying - -tell your new bf to watch her back - this has me freaked out - how did they get my # and my new friends #

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