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Recent Comments for 2264990929

Post by john,

2264990929 just called me in vancouver march , :pm -  Didn't answer

Post by Jason,

226-499-0929 Just called me I'm in burnaby bc

Post by CH,

2264990929 Just called me @ :pm in Burnaby, BC - Didn't answer -

Post by IC,

226-499-0929 I'm in Vancouver - Just got the call mins ago, twice - I didn't recognize the number so didn't pick up -

Post by Ryan,

2264990929 just called, no pick up -On Rogers from vancouver

Post by Frustrated,

226-499-0929 Got this call yesterday on my Koodo cell - Prefix in Ontario - I missed the call, and there was no voicemail -

Post by Sheena,

2264990929 Just received the same call, twice in a row??

Post by kkjj,

226-499-0929 They left a voice mail on my phone - still dunno who it is

Post by SHonna,

2264990929 Call on cell from this number - Didn't recognize it, didn't answer -No idea who it was -

Post by Thomas,

226-499-0929 NEVER PRESS "" DURING A ROBOCALL  Just hang up  If you press "", they might be able to hijack your long distance plan and run your bill through the roof -

Post by H,

2264990929 I live in Vancouver BC and have received calls from this number on my cell - I've been busy both times so I haven't answered and there hasn't been a voicemail -

Post by Cat,

226-499-0929 Just got the call with a country code attached to it (---), didn't pick up because it was weird - Guess it's calling a lot of people?

Post by Anth,

2264990929 I just received a call from this number too - I also live in Vancouver BC and my name is also Anthony - - weird -

Post by lida,

226-499-0929 they called me minutes ago , it was an automated machine, I didn't listen to eat , but it was spam about choosing me for something

Post by BPS,

2264990929 sorry that should have read - "I knew it "wasn't" a Canadian # Country code was foreign -

Post by karissa,

226-499-0929 so glad my phone blocks unwatned callers or i would known this number has called me good times - - in one day,  are tehy just calling all telus clients?

Post by DatGuy,

2264990929 Just phoned me , missed the call , and likewise , cannot call back

Post by Dan C.,

226-499-0929 IS NOT AN AREA CODE, it is a country code for Burkina Faso in Africa -It is another African scam - - DO NOT ANSWER

Post by Rebecca,

2264990929 Just received second call - - who is this?

Post by vancouvergal,

226-499-0929 got missed call from this number today, im on rogers network

Post by Ashley,

2264990929 Just called me also, so weird o -O - Didn't answer cause the number looked fishy, glad I didn't

Post by smash,

226-499-0929 I have a BC numberonly got this call once - - i rejected it because i was in class :\

Post by Ari,

2264990929 Just got a call from this number - I pick up the call but no one answer til seconds later - Then it played a stupid recording message that I won a trip and asked me to press for continue - Don't press or answer this call - It's one of those many stupid telemarketers - - -

Post by 12502310996,

226-499-0929 Do not call

Post by Allison Henkell,

2264990929 Call on my cell, when I answered just dead air -

Post by MrMagQQ2,

226-499-0929 Robo call another way to lose your money :o(

Post by Pat,

2264990929 Just called my cell -  I'm in Sask -  Didn't pick up because I didn't know the number -

Post by wtf,

226-499-0929 Got a call from this number just now - Didn't answer, no plans to either -

Post by Jan Blackmer,

2264990929 Called my cell while in the dentist chair -

Post by Tm bd,

226-499-0929 I Had this number call me Mar - Didn't answer it -

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