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Post by Anon.,

2264452522 Returned call to (855) 237-4311Merchant Funding

Post by Trnldy,

226-445-2522 This is Prescription Solutions that changed its name to OptumRx. They are a legitimate business. Its a mail order prescription company I use them all the time. They are fabulous. Deliver your prescriptions directly to your home, its so easy. They call to let you know when a script is coming up to be refilled and after you order they call to let you know that the scrip has been refilled and is in the mail and about when to expect it. Their prices are great and they honor Medicare and medicaid. If you got any other message with this number then the lines got crossed. I've been using this company for several years and no problems from them at all.

Post by Betty,

2264452522 In the past two hours since I type my last message above, I have received four more calls. Each time I talk to a different person.  Now their calling about every ten minutes.  Probably because they know that it is bothering me.  I am on the DNCR.  I tried to block unregistered calls but it doesn't seem to work.  Telemarketing is really a thing of the past because of people like this.

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