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Recent Comments for 2263362502

Post by Fio.,

2263362502 Rec'd a call this AM (Sept ) on my Bell BBerry - Did not answer and no message was left -

Post by stan,

226-336-2502 cheating

Post by Toronto_Guy,

2263362502 There is a "+" before the number, indicating it's an international call - This country code is from Burkina Faso, and apparently is linked to free-cruise-scams - It even made it on to the Toronto police division's facebook page () definitely don't answer, tell them nothing -

Post by Chuck,

226-336-2502 I got this call too - -Strange no one knows who it's from - -In London with Virgin Mobile

Post by Mrmleduc,

2263362502 Yep scam scam scamCalled th work number but it was Saturday -  No one answered and it went to voicemail -  And their machine left a message -  Work wone free cruse tickets, yada yada bla bla - -Scam

Post by jt,

226-336-2502 this number called twice, both times only rang once -  from saskatchewan - sasktel

Post by Ibwiseguy,

2263362502 Got one of these this morning and didn't answer -  I would advise anyone not to answer an unidentified number -  If it is that important, leave a message -

Post by wayne,

226-336-2502 just got this call too - -

Post by Becky,

2263362502 I got a call to my cell from this number - I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message -

Post by Sve,

226-336-2502 Same here (not happy to receive when roaming) - called Rogers - to block unwanted calls you need to enable the Call Manager option which costs month -

Post by Heille,

2263362502 Got it at :

Post by Shan Slamm,

226-336-2502 Its a number for a survery, when I called it stated "this call was intended for you to participate in a survery, however the survery has now expired" and it allowes you to press to remove yourself from the list - - like that ever works - (Rogers customer, London ontario)

Post by Maplelime,

2263362502 Its coming from a small country in west Africa called Burkina Faso, be wary

Post by lee,

226-336-2502 call rec'vd : am - no msg - added to block list after finding this blogThanks :)

Post by Vince,

2263362502 I've had this call many times now - They tried my cel at : PM today - I didn't answer - -

Post by Calleigh,

226-336-2502 Oh and I'm in Manitoba

Post by Mellie,

2263362502 I just got a call from this number it rang once, no message left - I'm with Telus - (Hamilton, Ontario)

Post by Lum,

226-336-2502 Just got this call - Refused to answer -

Post by Jean,

2263362502 I'm in Montreal by the way -Thanks for supplying us with this type of website where all of us can say what is happening with thosedisturbing phone number -

Post by donkey,

226-336-2502 also received a call from this#

Post by Coquitlam,

2263362502 Got a call a minute ago, only rang once and then they hung up -  With Telus in Vancouver -

Post by Toronto,

226-336-2502 Just received a call from this number - Did not answer, no message - On Virgin Mobile

Post by Jennifer,

2263362502 I am with Bell -  Just got call -  I did not answer and no message -  Toronto -

Post by Andrez,

226-336-2502 Got a call at : am - No message left -I'm in Montreal with Virgin mobile -

Post by Aldo,

2263362502 Me too - - i missed this call from this number sept at pm - - no message (i thought it was a call from france because of the - it use to beginning with - - but from an other country, it could take some strange number before - -)

Post by JR,

226-336-2502 Yep, you hit the nail on the head   years ago I was a telemarketer - -(sorry guys, had to pay the bills for a bit - -but it was a *short* bit, and some handicapped people do that job because it is the only job they can do, and need to live) -However, since I did it, Things have changed - -they are a little more predatory thanks to computer applications now - -now they use automated complex dialling systems built on a mathematical algorithm - -based on: area codes, and then a variable combination of numbers after that - So there's not a lot you can do about those computer math minds - Get a sheet of paper, write nine numbers down, and record each time, as well as how many times you can switch them around - That's basically what they do -This also explains why any people that do request be put on a DND list (some actually do it - the local organizations (in your reasonably immediate area) generally do put you on a DND list - -but US companies likely don't) - -but they still end up using the other computer information -which eventually runs into your number again - -and you eventually run across them again -Mitigating this is being done by us all, and these are the best things to do for now: googling the number - -as I just did) - Finding out who it is - -as I just did - Not answering without checking the number first (as I just - -did not - They got me at a busy moment in Alberta twenty minutes ago - -sigh - -)

Post by Donna,

2263362502 With Telus - received call at : on my cell, didn't answer it, hit ignore -  Assume it's a telemarketer -

Post by Kate,

226-336-2502 : pm Manitoba time I got a call from this number I deal with mts

Post by Guest,

2263362502 Thought I was on the DNCall List

Post by danielle,

226-336-2502 Just got called by this number like mins ago - - they hung up before I could have answered and the phone was in my hands - - not even a full ring

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