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Recent Comments for 2262471246

Post by Luis,

2262471246 Has called me two times today - But I have not answered and I will not - Good to know it's a scam -

Post by Guest,

226-247-1246 Microsoft service scam

Post by Priscilla House,

2262471246 got a call from this number and demanded - for lifetime -  informed me that my computer is at risk of viruses and email worms that could effect my system - Indian accent and wanted other information about my system - kinda knew it was a scam - dont take any call from this number - they said if i didnt purchase  they would disable my system -

Post by Guest,

226-247-1246 Anonymous call making claims about computer downloading while turned off electrical - Possible scam? Couldn't understand speech -

Post by Jason,

2262471246 I've been getting calls from this number for a couple of days now, it's getting ridiculous - Three times today since am,  and it's only :pm as I'm posting this -

Post by Guest,

226-247-1246 Not understandable speech

Post by Guest,

2262471246 Microsoft scammer - I blocked the phone number - Don't answer -

Post by Tim,

226-247-1246 SCAM--He speaks broken English - - -also states that he works for WIndows and that my computer is sending  Microsoft failure messages to them - I told him that I only have Mac's, he hung up - weeks later, he calls again and said that my computer was sending Microsoft error messages to him - For , he could fix the problems - SCAM,SCAM, SCAM First of all, I only have Mac's - I ask for a number to call back and he says he is calling from Dallas Texas, but the area code that he gave me was a area code, which is Maine and his caller ID was from  , Ontario, Canada - I really enjoyed playing with him this time - I asked what the problem was and tried to get an address to send the to(I was not going to send money, just playing with him) - He then hung up on me

Post by Mike C.,

2262471246 Have had several calls from this number -  It is an autobot system calling for (India?) and the person that comes on the line speaks very broken english -  All I could make out was something about their center had gotten a lot of bad reports on my computer -  They wanted me to allow them into the computer so that they could fix the problem -  THIS IS A SCAM, DO NOT LET THEM IN -  They either want to steal your info or set up a your computer as part of their network -

Post by Lesa,

226-247-1246 Same as above

Post by Mouse,

2262471246 Call from "Windows" wanting to fix my "Windows computer" because "it has been downloading viruses from websites" -  I give them points for persistence (this is at least the hundredth call, from assorted numbers) -  I give them zero points for intelligence (see above, plus she was reading from a cheat sheet) -  Also zero points for speaking English -

Post by Guest,

226-247-1246 Microsoft scam wants ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTOR - Identity theft

Post by Bren,

2262471246 Got a call from this number at - am - I answered an they hung up -

Post by Victor,

226-247-1246 Same as people above - Calling because problem with my computer - Sounded Indian, very broken english -

Post by Bob,

2262471246 Caller said he was from Microsoft support in Huston Texas - Said his name is Alan Wilson but sounded like he was from India - Said Phone gave caller co - information AMHESSTBRG, Ontario - -  Said my computer is infected with virus - Wanted to take control on my computer -

Post by Carel,

226-247-1246 Got a call on my cell phone about an hour ago -  I absolutely know this is a scam -  It's the same person, heavy accent (like from India) -  Also got calls from the SAME PERSON on my cell days earlier, but the phone number that came up is -- -  Also rec'd a call from the SAME PERSON on my cell yesterday from phone number -- -  Next time this number comes up, don't even answer -  However, I guarantee they will call back in a couple of days using a new phone number -

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