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Post by jane,

2262469377 This is a Sprint Benefits number -

Post by Guest,

226-246-9377 this person is hacking my phone

Post by test,

2262469377 test

Post by enchantedoaks/Florida,

226-246-9377 Female voice stating that my name was chosen in the - - - - contest (did not catch the name, did not enter any contest)and I would have to call a -- # (did not write down)within a limited time to claim my prize, a Lincoln Navigator -

Post by sbrown,

2262469377 Real legal servers do not call you, they just show up -  Please see Elspeth's post above also - For Extortion Scam Operations,  File reports with the FBI, your state attorney general and Department Of Justice,CFB,FTC & FCC -www -nwc -org www -ic -gov default -aspxwww -fbi -gov https: www -ftccomplaintassistant -gov #&panel-https: esupport -fcc -gov ccmsforms form -actionwww -consumerfinance -gov complaint www -fraud -org www -stopfraud -gov report -htmlTip off FBI about this extortion attempt by filing form at: stips -fbi -gov Also see here:notes -com arts IneMkbUAAo where-to-report-phone-crime Also read up on the laws and your rights:notes -com arts JbEW-eDhQA harassin - - ou-need-to-knowSee Residents post here also:notes -com forum ta-afabab unending-collection-callsTemplates of Letters:notes -com Phone -aspx ---www -ftc -gov os statutes fdcpajump -shtmwww -consumerfinance -gov askcfpb search - -www -consumer -ftc -gov articles pdf--fair-credit-reporting-act -pdfwww -consumer -ftc -gov articles -debt-collectionAnd see:www -fbi -gov scams-safety********************************www -ic -gov media -aspx******notes -com forum ta-ecabcbb - - service-attacks************www -clarkhoward -com news clark-howard - - r-phones ndFc *****************www -net-security -org article -php?id***************notes -com forum ta-acdad - - ************www -consumer -ftc -gov articles -fake-debt-collectors************www -deadiversion -usdoj -gov pubs pressreleases extortion_scam -htm******************www -fdcpa -me fake-process-server-injunction ******************notes -com forum ta-bbcbc - - net%s-tactics*******************dfi -wa -gov consumers alerts cashnet-payday -htm*****www -cashnetusa -com consumer-notices**************Extortion Scam Related to Delinquent Payday LoansWashington, D -C -December ,  FBI National Press Office() -— filed under: Press ReleaseThe Internet Crime Complaint Center has received many complaints from victims of payday loan telephone collection scams - Callers claim the victim is delinquent in a payday loan and must repay the loan to avoid legal consequences - The callers purport to be representatives of the FBI, Federal Legislative Department, various law firms, or other legitimate-sounding agencies - They claim to be collecting debts for companies such as United Cash Advance, U -S - Cash Advance, U -S - Cash Net, and other Internet check-cashing services -According to complaints received from the public, the callers have accurate data about victims, including Social Security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, employer information, bank account numbers, and the names and telephone numbers of relatives and friends - How the fraudsters obtained the personal information varies, but in some cases victims have reported they completed online applications for other loans or credit cards before the calls started -The fraudsters relentlessly call the victim’s home, cell phone, and place of employment - They refuse to provide any details about the alleged payday loans and become abusive when questioned - The callers have threatened victims with legal actions, arrests, and, in some cases, physical violence if they do not pay - In many cases, the callers harass victims’ relatives, friends, and employers -*****************************Section of the FDCPA www -ftc -gov bcp edu pubs consumer credit cre -pdf requires rd-party debt collectors to give debtors written notice of debt (the key word is *shall*) :"§ - Validation of debts(a) Within five days after the initial communication with a consumer in connection with the collection of any debt, a debt collector shall, unless the following information is contained in the initial communication or the consumer has paid the debt, send the consumer a written notice containing—() the amount of the debt;() the name of the creditor to whom the debt is owed;() a statement that unless the consumer, within thirty days after receipt of the notice, disputes the validity of the debt, or any portion thereof, the debt will be assumed to be valid by the debt collector;() a statement that if the consumer notifies the debt collector in writing within the thirty-day period that the debt, or any portion thereof, is disputed, the debt collector will obtain verification of the debt or a copy of a judgment against the consumer and a copy of such verification or judgment will be mailed to the consumer by the debt collector; and() a statement that, upon the consumer’s written request within the thirty-day period, the debt collector will provide the consumer with the name and address of the original creditor, if different from the current creditor -"

Post by Responsible Telephone Citizen,

226-246-9377 At :PM EST on Monday, January , , I received a call from phone number -- -  No message was left -  I signed up numerous time for the "Do Not Call" Registry -Thank you -

Post by Jessica,

2262469377 I get called a few times a night from this number - -it is just ridiculous - -I plan on trying to answer it, but likely I will just ignore it in the long run -

Post by Guest,

226-246-9377 leavee alone pls u and your man jerry I've moved on

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