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Recent Comments for 2257492178

Post by Mark Bluhm,

2257492178 Dead air no recording message or anything -

Post by oh please,

225-749-2178 Nice try shill, but I call BS --- - You certainly know much about this company, their "rights", etc for a consumer who was called and threatened by them - On the other hand, you show little knowledge of your rights as a consumer under the FDCPA (e -g -, verification, the FDCPA violation of them threatening to serve you) - This thread is less than a week old and you make this posting extolling their virtues -  I wonder how many other "consumers" who were jacked around on the phone by some weasel making threats would then make such a posting here?To quote your eloquent testimonial: "as you can see, the collection agencies have beefed up their approaches and terminology,"  Well, they may have changed their approaches to shilling, but you will find the regulars here have not -  If you try and deceive consumers, we will call B -S -

Post by Guest,

2257492178 Yes this is a man claims he is from Hawaii that seeking a roommate - He is a theif Be aware he claims he is relocating to be run a rehab center but he actually was a patient used Meth he is dirty very distrespectful of private space opens doors at night when one is asleep I woke up times with him opening door to my room Scarey and uncomfortable - He moved out left me hanging w his share of rent then he actually came back to the apartment What was he comming in for? to rob Me OMG BE AWARE this man is a manipulative liar and is a real FAKE inconsiderate person that free loads off anyone he can

Post by ChrystinP,

225-749-2178 They call and hang up on me -  If you say anything other than "hello" they hang up -  I answer, "Hello, this is Chrystin -"  They call all the time -  I am on a Do Not Call List, but for some reason unwanted, unlimited charity calls are allowed -

Post by Craig,

2257492178 They called my cell today and did not leave a message -

Post by Guest,

225-749-2178 Missed call

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