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Post by Guest,

2256666302 I received the following text ACCOUNT 127741 OUR LEGAL DEPT HAS ASKED YOU TO CONTACT THIS OFFICE @ 5852781689 TO PREVENT LEGAL FEES FOR BOTH PARTIES. VOLUNTARY RESTITUTION AND/OR PAYMENT WILL NOT DEEM EITHER PARTY AS "LIABLE". THIS IS YOUR FINAL NOTICE. yesterday I received a similar text from a different number saying to call the same number listed above. I do not know what this is about.

Post by wendy,

225-666-6302 This was an alarm telemarketer giving out free alarm systems. Name Unavailable on caller ID.  We have a robo call blocker and are on the do not call list, so I will be reporting this.

Post by Guest,

2256666302 says wants appointment, Lowballs and never shows up. then send pics of his SUPER SMALL PENIS AREA!!! GROSSEST THING EVER!

Post by Sunshin,

225-666-6302 If this was a legal call, why won't they give more information.  I called back and the young man hung up. I called again and told them if you are a legal binding company, why are you calling from an unknow number. I live in texas what court cost could i possible have connected with Californina.  Really!!

Post by Guest,

2256666302 bob friend

Post by JON STEEN,


Post by tom,

2256666302 Yuk

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