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Post by Manas Chakraborty,

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Post by Guest,

225-650-5877 Bye

Post by Guest,

2256505877 Calls come thru from a -- number w caller ID of Wild Animal but the recording talks about how important it is to have a health alert monitor in your home in case of falls? Too weird

Post by jes,

225-650-5877 Timewaster He will come see u, try get free feels - pervert

Post by ColoradoKid,

2256505877 So a new [ spoofed ] number caller on the block - After the th call in three days and answering one today with no response and dead air space  I called the number back - Got a machine claiming it is " Customer Service " No claims as to customer service for whom : or a company name - With the message saying IF I'll enter my phone number and area code as well as then verify the number and area code afterwards  [ Code for - - Now we've got your number and now have  a legitimate reason to call it because you gave it to us  as per FCC rules - - thank you very much GWB's punk nephew ] they'd take me off their phone lists So - - no clue who it is - - but it is a RoboCaller - Rather low tech at that [ the fact they cannot ID your number when you call them back  ] Beyond a doubt a scam of one sort or another - And no doubt a spoofed [ location and fictional company name on Caller ID ] number  as well -BTW @ Me Your advice may sell a Fax Copier or two but will do nothing to alleviate the Phone Scammer Spoofer problem -

Post by Dave,

225-650-5877 Wells Fargo hung up, no message - I called number back - Message said they have a special offer and would call back later -

Post by Temecula, CA,

2256505877 Quality Mobile Homes - apparently for service to or sales of mobile homes -  This outfit has called before and on several occasions I have told them we do not live in a mobile home and to take us off their call list -  So far it hasn't worked -  Our prefix is the same as a nearby large mobile home community (Murietta Hot Springs) was here long before most of the other , people moved into the area -  They probably assume anyone with that old prefix must live in that community -  Wrong and not much of an excuse anyway -  Google thinks the only business with that name is located in Florida so probably not them -

Post by Lis,

225-650-5877 from "Maine"

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