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Recent Comments for 2254068591

Post by Mary R,

2254068591 -- called me today, again -  You can report IRS and Treasury Dept - impersonator calls to the Treasury Dept, as I did today -  https: www -treasury -gov tigta contact_report_scam -shtml -  I've stop complaining and have beome pro-active contacting my state atty genl office, local IRS, and FBI -  My Congressional reps are learning my name and my hate with these calls -  I've had it -

Post by Miz Helen,

225-406-8591 I talked to him this morning - I asked his name which he replied David Williams -  Really? With his heavy middle eastern accent - I called IRS and to note, they never call anyone not unless it's an extreme case which is rarely -

Post by Miz Helen,

2254068591 I got the same call today - First from the area code # which they left a message to call the area code # - Heavy accent - I wish i never called back - IRS does NOT call anyone regarding money issues -

Post by Guest,

225-406-8591 Said they were from the IRS and I owed them money - Pay before we take you to court -

Post by oklahoma,

2254068591 I just got this same message

Post by ricky kluge,

225-406-8591 accented man called me IRS rep - It was a recording - Caller ID gave me the callers number - however it wouldn't go through - So I texted the number and told them they reached law enforcement and they were under investigating immediately - The next time I called it was disconnected -Imagine that

Post by Gail,

2254068591 These are another group of scammers -  Heavy indian [***] accent - on a recording no less - They also use a washington d -c - # -  There are clips on U-tube with people calling back to scam the scammers and offering to pay the outstanding amount they owe the IRS - It is pretty funny -  what isn't funny is that the FCC, or any other federal agency can't shut these types of operations down -

Post by Guest,

225-406-8591 A foreign speaking man saying there's serious allegations against my name by the IRS, then gave a return number -- - He never stated who HE was

Post by naglon,

2254068591 just got from -- female voice all i understand was law suit - the last time i got this call it was a male voice -

Post by Mr. C,

225-406-8591 I just received the same call - This is a total scam - The IRS does not communicate by phone regarding any type of official business - They only communicate by certified mail -

Post by Guest,

2254068591 Foreigner calling from IRS, doesn't ask for a specific person just says my name is involved with criminal investigation with IRS -

Post by oklahoma,

225-406-8591 I just got this same message

Post by Guest,

2254068591 Recorded Female "electronic-sounding" voice saying last notice - IRS filing a lawsuit against me - - I hung up at that point -

Post by Howard,

225-406-8591 Same thing, caller with heavy Indian accent, called early in morning from telephone number --, left message stating he was from the IRS, and we were under investigation -  Did not call back, and blocked his number -

Post by Nebraska Girl,

2254068591 They have called us several times,  and keep calling so I blocked them today -

Post by AF,

225-406-8591 Thanks for the info -

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

225-406-8591 total scam

Post by Guest,

2254068591 Received a recorded message that indicated they were from IRS and something about a lawsuit - Tried to call the incoming number, but not set up to receive incoming calls - I could not understand on the recording the phone number to call back

Post by Miz Helen,

225-406-8591 I got the same call today - First from the area code # which they left a message to call the area code # - Heavy accent - I wish i never called back - IRS does NOT call anyone regarding money issues -

Post by dxxx,

2254068591 this number me called times in two days claiming to be irs and to contact them -  Scam all the way -

Post by Guest,

225-406-8591 Maller caller said I was involved in a federal criminal offense and this is the second attempt to contact me - He said I could "take care of it" by calling -- - SCAM

Post by Guest,

2254068591 The exact same message as above - Male caller said I was involved in a Federal case due to some type of criminal offense committed by me - I was directed to immediately call -- -

Post by Hmmm?,

225-406-8591 Received this on answering machine (Louisiana Call from )"This is officer Ben McCoy calling from the criminal investigative unit of the IRS notifying you of serious allegations against you, and  are opening  a criminal investigation -  Call this number () immediately upon getting this message -"The caller had a Mexican accent and was hard to understand - I didn't call back -

Post by Cindy,

2254068591 Report them:  www -ic -gov default -aspx

Post by Guest,

225-406-8591 This is the third time I have been called by the individual - Something need to be done - They want you to call back on -- -

Post by Guest,

2254068591 Recorded call - female voice saying the IRS had a lawsuit against us and to call -- - I looked up # and gave area In Washington State or Canada - Call came from a cell phone -- out of Louisiana -

Post by Guest,

225-406-8591 Fasle statement abour IRS suit against me - Third call of this sort in two days - The other number was -- and -- -

Post by Joanne Gravitt,

2254068591 Received a call from this number -- who left a message threatening legal proceedings against either my daughter or myself who are the only ones at this number -  Could not understand the man because he did have a thick broken English voice -  I did not call the number back because I have got this message before - - -

Post by Cindy,

225-406-8591 Report them:  www -ic -gov default -aspx

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