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  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
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Recent Comments for 2253899891

Post by Bambi,

2253899891 Who is it?

Post by suspicious 911 call back from 2253899891,

225-389-9891 I received a blocked call in Number Guruaround :am in the morning - my family member was out of town therefore not knowing if something happen I press the number to see if I could get more information - it immediately dialed and I hung up immediately - shortly afterwards I received a call from a man stating- what your emergency - I said it was an accident - he ask for my number not thinking I gave it to him and told him it's a cell number - received no other calls but I reported the number to AT&T and did research on -- -I keep getting telemarketer or some kind of prank landline - I searched the web and it says restate solicitors - I'm worried - I will monitor everything closely and report everything unusual - if someone calls you and ask for ur number treat it as suspicious

Post by Joe,

2253899891 Please do not call me at work - If this is personal please call my home -

Post by Employee,

225-389-9891 I work for the city - -this is the default number for many of the city's phone lines as there are buildings across the parish that use the VOIP processor - This number cannot be called back - Also -- does call back from this number, and you can be asked to verify information to prove you are who you say you are and not some perpetrator that has picked up your phone -

Post by Guest,

2253899891 block all numbers that's not in call log

Post by Guest,

225-389-9891 Calls to times when I call back it says it is no longer in service

Post by Guest,

2253899891 Called at : am Sorry wrong number

Post by Guest,

225-389-9891 BRPD

Post by Dont believe him,

2253899891 A man called at am & said that a call had been placed to from my number & he was calling to verify if there indeed was an emergency - After I replied in the negative, he asked me to tell him my telephone number -  I smell something fishy now

Post by Called 911,

225-389-9891 I called and I don't think the responder could hear me - Now I recieved this call several times in less than an hour - I was trying to report domestic violence - Don't know if this is connected to each other

Post by Guest,

2253899891 The caller hung up, did not leave a message - When I called that number, the phone company says "this is not a working number -" Huh? Say what? I am slowly beginning to hate my phone and Internet - Way too much craziness -

Post by Guest,

225-389-9891 Claiming to be sheriffs office

Post by Renee stewart,

2253899891 Prank caller from

Post by Guest,

225-389-9891 Called at :am but when I called it back it pulled up as "Dudes Turing to kill me""

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