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Recent Comments for 2253660237

Post by Big daddy,

2253660237 I det cals from this number all the timewhen I call back it says it's a magic jack number an the mailbox is fulli am getting tired of this

Post by Anon,

225-366-0237 This caller claimed to be soliciting donations for LA State Police for their no drug campaign - When I said we would not be donating, he used the F word and hung up on me - Would like to report this group to the LA State Police, as they cannot be legit - Scam

Post by Angel,

2253660237 Called and then stopped - I didn't answer

Post by cajungal1946,

225-366-0237 Three nights in a row I have gotten a call from this # - When I callled the # back, I was told it was a Magic Jack # and the mailbox was full -

Post by joe safeen,,

2253660237 Soliciting for donations for the "police" - -

Post by Emma Wallace,

225-366-0237 Receive # of calls from - Did not answer - Please stop these calls, if possibleThey were received on my landline number -

Post by Guest,

2253660237 Bogas cops

Post by darlene,

225-366-0237 thanks for this info they just called my house - I'm going to try and block this number hope it helps

Post by Bob,

2253660237 Calls constantly -  Show on ID as unknown caller -  never leaves a message -  no idea but bugging the crap out of me -  Also on do not call but that does not matter -  Obama is probably listening anyway -

Post by JD,

225-366-0237 It makes no difference whether you are on Do Not Call lists or not -Spammers have no fear of being reported because the government will not bother with them -If Obama doesn't care about the Constitution do you really believe he cares about you getting spam phone calls???

Post by Guest,

2253660237 This number called my Aunt Sherri under a Google+ account impersonating me -

Post by Guest,

225-366-0237 They are constantly calling but won't reveal who they are and won't leave a message concerning what this call is about - Until they reveal this info they need to stop calling me - I am looking into other ways to stop them from calling me cause it is very annoying especially when you've just been through major surgery and don't feel up to dealing with ordinary people much less idiots who won't say who they are and why they are harassing you -

Post by Nancy,

2253660237 No message is left -  I have received calls from this number on Oct - , Nov - , Nov - , Nov - and Nov - -  I want these calls to stop -

Post by Guest,

225-366-0237 Calls two to three times a day CONTINUALLY Answering machine full of people begging for money

Post by Guest,

2253660237 Calls several times daily -

Post by Guest,

225-366-0237 When I called back it said " the Magic Jack customer you are trying to reach is not available"

Post by Guest,

2253660237 It says it is the Baton Rouge police looking for donations but I dont think it really is - I have gotten calls from this number many times and they dont leave a message -

Post by Tiredofunwantedcalls,

225-366-0237 Call cell # which only family has - So aggravating to get these calls -  I don't answer if I don't recognize your number

Post by Paul,

2253660237 This person or persons at this number calling in the day and also in the middle of the night and I am tired of these calls

Post by Wayne Terry,

225-366-0237 When I answered they said it was Baton Rouge Police taking donations - I hung up

Post by Guest,

2253660237 Always asks for money - Won't quit calling after "no"

Post by scott,

225-366-0237 have gotten this call many times before - -since i don't recognize the number i never answer - -they usually hang up after rings so it's most likely a robocall fishing for donations

Post by bozo,

2253660237 GET RID OF AT&T

Post by Galen,

225-366-0237 First call from yet another scamming pest received at : p -m -  Another number blocked -  So siiiicccckkk of this crap -

Post by motherdick,

2253660237 I have received several calls from this number to my cell phone also -  It says they are the Louisiana Police Union Association -  I am a member of the police union and when I told them that didnt sound like any police union I belong to they hung up -

Post by Mike in MD,

225-366-0237 notes is not a blocking service nor can it contact your phone company on your behalf to block a number -  You will have to do that yourself -  If your phone company does not have a call blocking option do consider buying an external call blocker -  You can search on Amazon for them and find several that are inexpensive will do a fine job -

Post by John,

2253660237 looking for donations

Post by Guest,

225-366-0237 Have read comments - Now know who they are - Fundraiser - Recd a letter days ago reminding them I had promised a donation - I sent a letter back telling them in no uncertain terms I did promise, but it would be the st of Sept - I promised on Aug - I mailed it Sept - I geuss they have reced it now, and are trying to apologize - Hope they frame the check - That is the last one they get from me -

Post by Anonymous,

2253660237 It's a telemarketer calling "on behalf of" some police group, and I think I've had telemarketer callsvrepresenting the trooper association, too, but not lately -

Post by Guest,

225-366-0237 nuisance

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