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Recent Comments for 2247882006

Post by Jorge,

2247882006 --T - Dean Malone secured a , - jury verdict against First National Collection Bureau, Inc - for violation of the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) -  The TCPA generally prohibits calls to a cell telephone, using an artificial or prerecorded voice and or an automatic telephone dialing system, without obtaining the prior express consent of the person called -  There are exceptions in the TCPA, but they are narrow in scope -  The court has not signed a judgment as of the day of this post, and neither our firm nor our client has received any money as a result of the verdict -  It appears that the Defendant will appeal any judgment - Here are copies of the jury’s verdicts (the trial had two phases) with the jurors’ names redacted:deanmalone -com debt-collection-blog ?p

Post by k8,

224-788-2006 and from --

Post by Katniss Everdeen,

2247882006 ALERT If you receive a call from this number, do not pay without verifying it in writing first - If they do not have your correct address, do not give it to them - If they do not have your correct social security number, DO NOT give it to them - I have been harrassed by these folks and am currently filing a lawsuit - I do not have perfect credit, but I'm reliable - FICO score - They didn't have a valid past due account, a valid street address, or a valid social security number for me and have started calling my relatives trying to track me down (how did they get this information on me and yet do not have any of my correct personal identifying information?) - The AG in our state is currently passing legislation where all debt collectors have to verify in writing that the past due amounts are in fact valid and not in violation of the FCBPA - I am a professional lobbyist for a living -

Post by Hay in Ohio,

224-788-2006 when you see one their #'s in your CID , quickly answer and just as queckly say, " Oh Dammit, someone is at the door, be right back" lay the phone down and go about your business , like take a bath, go to the neighbors for coffee etc -  I'm sure that they will love that - LOL

Post by DCM5,

2247882006 I would answer the lawsuit, otherwise in many states now there is a default judgement practice, and if they get a judgement in their favor, they can start garnishing your wages - And if its the same company, I would countersue them for illegal collection practices - Its illegal in most states to call you at work -

Post by Lins,

224-788-2006 I am tired of getting calls from this number - I do not answer calls from numbers that I don't know - I have been receiving calls from this number for the past week and they never leave any messages -  Today they have now called me x all within a minute time period -  This is getting irritating especially when I am at work and my phone keeps going off because they are calling -

Post by Deron,

2247882006 They called me on a verizon debt that was set up in a different state all i asked for is the proof that it is mine - signature of mine and i will pay it in full - - instead after i write the letters - - they transfer me to another collection agency and put it on my credit report - -

Post by Dave T,

224-788-2006 That is only true IF the debt was discharged in the bankruptcy -  If the filer neglected to report that debt to the courts, it could still be valid unless of course,  the state they're in has a statute of limitations for debts - usually - years -

Post by Mildred Smith,

2247882006 They have called me and a recording says they have very important business pertaining to me -  Then they put me on hold for several minutes -  I think it is a scam to verify that the phone number belongs to me -  Now they can harass me -

Post by Larry A. Kuhn,

224-788-2006 Number calls must be an automated call I say Hello twice no one answers using up my cell phone minutes

Post by Jessica,

2247882006 I finally got a hold of a real person - It was a collection agency looking for a man and, since I am a woman, I definitely wasn't the correct person - Supposedly, my number has been taken off the list as a wrong or defunct phone number for their target - Hopefully, I will no longer get annoying hangup phone calls from this company, but I won't hold my breath -

Post by Guest,

224-788-2006 trying to sell cable illegally

Post by Claudia,

2247882006 We get these call for the last months, they are getting fewer, answer even on the first ring no one is there there I have tried calling it back -  She thanked me for calling, recorded, to wait for the first available operator -  I hung up as I was paying for the call -

Post by A.J.,

224-788-2006 I keep getting threatning calls from this number saying I better call back immediately regarding an unpaid debt - They leave no name or who they are calling for - I called back the number to see who they were and he said he was calling for st National Bank and they wanted to speak to Michael - I said that there is not a Michael living here and never has been - Then he claimed to never have called my home, but his number was on my caller ID - I have never in my life dealt with this bank and I never will - Do these people go through the phone book and threaten everyone with the same last name? I'm angry as all he__ __ and I want this type of harrassment stopped -I would also like a letter of apology from these shady characters -

Post by bbygrl,

2247882006 Actually stop calling at all - You guys are so annoying -

Post by Amanda,

224-788-2006 They have been calling me for quite some time - I however receive messages for someone I've never heard of - Finally tired of the calls I called back to be put on a "do not call" list - Come to find out they were looking for me, but none of my debts are thru their company - Shady either way

Post by Jo Ann Stock,

2247882006 Quit calling me, Cease and Desist  i will otherwise hire a lawyer here in Denver who prosecutes these cases - and wins  This debt is over years old

Post by fedup,

224-788-2006 It does show up as Local Office but mine also states its a cell phone - Morons, I don't have any debts so I don't talk to them - I answer then hang up

Post by Upset.,

2247882006 They called me once, and I declined the call, and then called back - An electronic recording talked for awhile, then then gave you an option to press a button to remove yourself from their list (number ) - I pressed it and hung up -

Post by Christina Olson,

224-788-2006 Just trying to verify whether this is real or not? Appears to be a fake company trying to scam callers -

Post by misstammy,

2247882006 keep getting calls from this number and if it is in fact from first national that debt was paid years ago -pissing me off -they need to stop calling and bothering me -

Post by Cece51,

224-788-2006 Bottom line - NEVER pay any caller who refuses to MAIL you proof that you owe this debt, and proof that they have the legal right to collect said debt -  Per the FDCPA, failure to provide this documentation means you owe them NOTHING -  Also, failure to give company name and mailing address is a sure sign of either a very shady debt collector, or a complete scammer -  Again - do NOT pay anyone who cannot prove you owe a debt to them -  BTW, debt is civil, not criminal, so there will be no charges -  Report the caller to the FTC, the FBI, Dept of Justice and your state's Attorney General -  Advise the caller that she's been reported and that your own lawyer (even if you don't have one) is having you record all calls from them for multiple violations of the FDCPA -

Post by LM,

2247882006 I have no debts yet these criminals call my number multiple times a day -  I so not pick up -

Post by Mykel,

224-788-2006 They have called times today and not leaving a message so they didn't leave who they are other then it coming up on Call ID as "Local Office" which I thought was only to be used for numbers from your own area code -

Post by Paul Chapman,

2247882006 These and others have been calling several times everyday when I have answered most of these calls are for someone named carol murrillo which I have never met in my life - I keep telling many of these companies to remove my number from their call lists and most of them never do - Today I noticed a new feature on my AT&T U-Verse website -Exclusive Call Forwarding allows you to forward up to phone numbers from a list of specific incoming callers to an alternate phone number - So what I did from here was pull up my call logs on line in a separate tab and then looked up a Phone Sex number through Google - I am now forwarding this and other annoying callers directly to a - per minute phone sex line - Perhaps this will get them to remove my number from their damn lists -

Post by Blocking Spam Calls,

224-788-2006 Go to the APP store on your phone and download a spam blocker app--I have Mr - Number on my Android--best thing I ever didOf course it doesn't stop them from calling my yr old parents though - - -

Post by bbygrl,

2247882006 Actually stop calling at all - You guys are so annoying -

Post by L,

224-788-2006 I received numerous hang-ups from this number awhile back, and now they are at in again -  Caller ID says "Local Office", and thru this website have seem it has multiple "businesses" -  I have no debts so I wish they'd go away

Post by Guest,

2247882006 Not sure who this is they are using profane language

Post by festiworker,

224-788-2006 These ppl call my phone several times a day and sometimes late into the evening - They have never left a message - -I am tired of them calling me - -what can I do to stop this madness?

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