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Post by Guest,

2243729027 This number has been changed and is no longer in service try a new number at a different time

Post by JimC,

224-372-9027 The solution I've found is to forward the number to another number of some other outfit that I've found makes unwanted calls.If you have SELECTIVE call forwarding on your phone service (not the forwarding option for your own phone), forward this # to some other # and you're done hearing from it.  I'd like to be a fly on the wall when pesky caller #1 gets a forwarded call from pesky caller #2.  I wonder what they chat about, but I'll bet they're not saying nice things about ME!Try it!

Post by Guest,

2243729027 This phone number called the place I worked to order food for delivery. They gave us a false address, and when I (the driver) got there, the African America man, probably in his teen, took the food and said he was gonna get his mother to pay for it. He never came. That night because we were specious since we rarely get orders this late, and we never delivered there before, I got someone from the shop to come with me to the house since we closed by the time I left for the delivery. He told me he saw two kids run out the back door shortly. If anyone come across this number, I'm warning you, these people are thieves. Report to the police right away.

Post by pissedoffguy,

224-372-9027 Who the f**k are these annoying schmucks? They call at least twice a day while I am at work for the last 3 weeks but never leave a message.

Post by Guest,

2243729027 mary

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