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2199344145 Collection AgencyWe do both personal and commercial debt recovery. The agency charges commission on collected accounts only.We collaborate with local attorneys to collect overdue accounts. It is the most effective way to collect.In cases we handle, defaulters are paying directly to our customers, not to the agency.No Fee for opening or closing an account. No management fee.We do accept sundry accounts for collection even small ones.

Post by Ken McGee,

219-934-4145 Ok, here we go again another false cyber stalker, you must be having fun and a  lot of time on your hands. When the police get in touch with you, you will have more time on your hands to keep yourself from going to jail. you have slandered my name, my families name and people that are disabled with your lies and crap. When I said private investigator I meant the Franklin detectives and others involved in catching cyber stalkers like you. If this post is real from anyone, why do you hide your name? Why not call me you seem to have a few numbers for me, my family and other people I know. You have not only harrassed me, but my disabled wife and family as well as others that have nothing to do with me. Soon you will meet your fate legally and when you are in jail for cyber stalking it will be me that has my day from a creep like you. Its funny that all this started from child support court Shannon, screwing with lies and the law will catch you and a lot sooner than you think. Have a great day.

Post by sandra mccollum,

2199344145 You receive a call offering a loan, but you have to pay a fee up front?It is a 100% scam.It is against federal law to phone someone and offer a loan, but having them pay upfront:"A loan that is offered by phone. It is illegal for companies doing business by phone in the U.S. to promise you a loan or credit card and ask you to pay for it before they deliver."

Post by Miguel,

219-934-4145 Recorded call with a B.S. message about a NetSpend prepaid card I do not have.Gave an number to call.An apparent scam where they try to capture card information from unsuspecting people.

Post by Loetta Crain,

2199344145 want to know whos number this is

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