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Recent Comments for 2193593122

Post by atw,

2193593122 Very important tax message So important that "Jeremy" called with a pre-recorded message

Post by Guest,

219-359-3122 Back tax debt relief

Post by Guest,

2193593122 Try to sell somekind of IRS protection package

Post by Tammy Markham,

219-359-3122 I got a call today from this number - -however they did NOT leave a message of any sort -It was on my cell phone - -hhmm - -wierdThanks for the messages you guys posted about your calls from this number -

Post by gem,

2193593122 bot: "This is a very important call about your tax situation -"

Post by Had enough,

219-359-3122 This is annoying they call constantly -  We are on the National Do No Call List -  Why doesn't someone see that and block these calls -  Is it really going to do any good to report them?

Post by DonnyB,

2193593122 Caller ID said Gary, IN - Hung up when I answered -

Post by Safety Systems,

219-359-3122 Please get them to stop calling -  I won't answer and do not need their help -

Post by Guest,

2193593122 I didn't answer

Post by tee,

219-359-3122 received this call at the office - - -i said hello - - -the [***], said goodbye and hung up -  what the hell is that ???

Post by jj,

2193593122 Real tired of these calls

Post by Gary,

219-359-3122 the automated calls are outlawed - the law is unfortunately not enforced

Post by Guest,

2193593122 Spam tax call

Post by MommaDuck,

219-359-3122 Got a call today from this number, didn't get to the phone in time, "they" didn't leave a message - If it is about "tax situations" then like so many of you they have no reason what so ever to be calling me -


2193593122 i think the government should   help the public, and out law phone solicitation, because its ruining the phone system, i expect this calling device device i pay to use should be a device to interfere with my ability to make a living buy taking up my time and interfereance with my calling device , the phone solititation industry should not be allowed to continue to f--kin bother me and people that are in buiness  and dont want to receive these solitiations and furthermore waste energy (electrical power to bother people senslessly -i come on FCC do your job - -

Post by ron,

219-359-3122 got the call but no one on the line

Post by Jack W,

2193593122 Butthooks keep calling my office and no one is on the line -

Post by Thom,

219-359-3122 Scumbag ROBOCALL suggesting I have TAX troubles - Ignores DO NOT CALL LIST -

Post by Guest,

2193593122 Tax info

Post by Guest,

219-359-3122 Talked about how I need to pay taxes -

Post by CJ,

2193593122 Again today - Second verse, same as the first -

Post by Mrs. Hancock,

219-359-3122 This keeps calling although we're on the DNCall list

Post by Bankrupt,

2193593122 My Tax Situation is the IRS has not sent my , refund -  Hate these robo-calls

Post by good grief!,

219-359-3122 I also got recording with something about "your tax situation"  etc - etc -    Have filed a complaint with www -donotcall -gov - I am on the do not call list -  What a nuisance and waste of time -  I appreciate Notes for a place to see if others had similar unknown annoying calls -

Post by no boddah,

2193593122 some robo "help with tax" scam - -waste of time,don't answer - -

Post by Jim,

219-359-3122 They are still at it - I would sure like to find out a full name so I can call them at home while they are eating dinner

Post by lamet,

2193593122 Truth about donotcall lawsAlso remember that illegitimate companies and scam artists won't respect these lists - Therefore once your enrollment goes into effect you should be extra careful of unsolicited telemarketing calls unless you know they come from a company with which you have a legitimate, established relationship

Post by robin,

219-359-3122 Love It

Post by Guest,

2193593122 Automated telemarketing to my company cellphone -

Post by Gary,

219-359-3122 Threatening message about tax liens and levies - Promises to be the "only warning" which will be given but is repeated every few days -

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