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Recent Comments for 2192306105

Post by Guest,

2192306105 Said they were calling about our home security system?

Post by no1home,

219-230-6105 called tonight selling vasectomies at the hong kong intl airport -   minutes and your on your return flight -  if using credit card tonight, a three night stay at a resort in Malaysia is thrown in free on the flight back to your destination -  

Post by Primethios,

2192306105 The voice mail they have left me is stating alarm -com and free dinner at outback but when you call the number back it states they are from Emergency Alert and offering dinner at some other place for free movie tickets -  They give you the option to request a free consultation or ask you to state your number to be placed on the do not call list -  I have left my number along with the fact that I am sending the info to the Indiana State Attorney General (this is an Indiana phone number) as well as I have contacted alarm -com to state the same -  If the above poster is correct that they are not part of alarm -com then let the company that is having their name dragged out be part of the resolution -

Post by e,

219-230-6105 Same comment as above

Post by old one,

2192306105 Offered two meals to Olive Garden for trying their in home security system - Did not answer and will not after reading previous notes about the caller -

Post by Guest,

219-230-6105 Spam

Post by elderly,

2192306105 you need to stop calling, my mom is elderly and she keeps getting these calls at all hours and is scared that someone is going to break into her house - shame on you

Post by hawaii90,

219-230-6105 Received calls from this number once on August , times on August , times on Sept - and times on November -  They never leave a message -

Post by BR549 Jr. says,

2192306105 Same as above: recorded mssg - dinner for (Olive Grdn - Red Lobster) for -min - in-house demo -Called provided # (), after -rings, recorded mssg - w same speel & offer to remove fromcall list -NOTE: Rcvd - similar speel -weeks prior from alleged "ADT-Security" (ADT professes to NOT 'cold call')            & got a live person whom advised me to "f*% off" when questioned about State "Do Not Call" law -            * of that episode returned to same # () - Obvious frauds front for: home burglary ring & or financial fraud -

Post by BruceAnn Singleton,

219-230-6105 Starts off by saying "this is your local security company" - Calls almost every day

Post by Guest,

2192306105 Robo call, and we're on the do not call list

Post by Guest,

219-230-6105 Jennifer tilgner kemper

Post by Guest,

2192306105 Said they were calling about our home security system? Robo call, and we're on the do not call list -

Post by lee,

219-230-6105 Idiots - -can't even speak - - -IDIOTS - -Get a life - -

Post by Guest,

2192306105 Call and hang up many times a day

Post by D,

219-230-6105 Also called me - -left no message -Since so, so many calls are made, weekly, often - -From scammers, tele-marketers, and just plain harassers - -I just have a standard rule not to answer - -unless a message IS left - -from someone I know -That way I don't let them bother me - But -I still look up each "unknown" number anyway just to see if others are receiving calls from this same number and where the call is coming from -

Post by fed up,

2192306105 fed up with this crap want it to stop asap

Post by Guest,

219-230-6105 would love to know

Post by letthembitethis,

2192306105 so tired of the calls, every night and day, at all hours - maybe we should keep calling them back every day and night - they need to be shut down and not allowed a phone line

Post by Guest,

219-230-6105 Called me at : this morning - Suppose to be some kind of security system -



Post by BlueCrystal,

219-230-6105 They called and didn't leave a message - I would NEVER buy anything from a company that randomly calls local numbers in an attempt to make a sale - I wouldn't trust them -

Post by Guest,

2192306105 The call is they want to come in your home for minutes to get free Red Lobster tickets or movie tickets - Would never let anyone in my home -

Post by anon,

219-230-6105 Telemarketer violating do not call list -

Post by reported,

2192306105 i have reported this company to indiana attorney general, they have called all hours - last night got a call at :, was asleep - i work early hours and have been awakened many times by this sham of a company - i am disgusted with them and wouldn't let them near my house -



Post by D,

2192306105 Called again today - - -same foolishness, as in - -no message -

Post by Guest,

219-230-6105 These people will not stop calling sounds like real woman but she is a robot

Post by Guest,

2192306105 Continuous calling and hanging up several times a day - Similar to what criminals do when they try to figure out your routine and when you are home

Post by G,

219-230-6105 Has anyone tried calling the number - Same as above no message left -

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