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Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

219-225-1844 stalker

Post by Ari Tietolman,

2192251844 Hi John B.My name is Ari Tietolman, and i am responding to your report for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you and other readers will find this information useful.The first reason for my reply is that I am the director of a Consumer Protection Agency named: Secure Account Services, LLC. Over the last 6 months our company has been receiving a large volume of calls, primarily complaints regarding billings of 389$... Needless to say, we were unable to find any of the clients in our databases, and we never bill anybody 389$ for any of our service bundles, so we became severely bewildered and concerned about the situation. I got right to work on investigating the matter as it appeared to be an attempt at corporate identity theft and sabotage on our company.Being in the field of consumer protection and advocacy services for over a decade, it didn't take us long to trace the origin of the activity in dealing with callers mistaking us for the fraudsters. We asked callers for supporting documentation of their claims in return for free services on our end. It is our pleasure to offer the free help as it was not only them being victimized, but our company as well, and any additional information we could gather would better support our legal position against the imposters...I headed the investigation myself, and after several attempts calling 866-913-4429, I also got Mike on the line... Not very helpful, and gave me the run around. After the third threatening phone call to him in one day, he finally forwarded me to the actual customer service number claiming that he was a third party customer service department for a company named MEGART, the same company I thought I was originally calling in the first place who was running under the fictious and stolen DBA...I called MEGART repeatedly for over 2 hours before anyone picked up. When the phone was finally answered, I posed as the son of one of the callers who was victimized by 389$ who originally called us thinking we were the company responsible. I interogated the customer service representative and demanded an immediate refund. He explained that he represented AIG insurance, and that the charge was authorized, and he could not approve any refunds?! I asked him to provide proof of both his claims. I never got his email regarding the AIG policy, and he referred me back to 866-913-4429 to listen to the recorded verbal contract...Got Mike back on the phone, and after playing with his phone system for 15 minutes, he played me the recording. It was clear that the client in question was not coherent and was forced through the conversation in a harassing manner. I demanded resolution, and Mike finally agreed based on my threats of involving state attorney generals and the FTC; whereby his fradulent recording would serve him no defense. I was assured that a refund would be issued... I too wondered why there were two companies were involved, and why MEGART, the payee of the transaction could not play the recording or approve the refund... Needless to say, I never got the AIG paperwork emailed by MEGART, and the ironic thing is that I was in the middle of negotiating a contract with the fraud division supervisor for AIG insurance at the time. When I mentioned the situation, he too validated that he had no knowledge of MEGART's involvement with AIG, and he was quick to get on board with my investigation...We managed to track down the owner of MEGART on his home phone, and he promised to change his DBA in November of 2007, he never validated his relationship with AIG, but it was already determined that his company was lying about having any connection with the insurance company. Our company has still been receiving misrouted complaints regarding 389$, despite MEGARTS' promise to change their name... Whatever they call themselves now, you can rest assured that it is still a RIP OFF. The one advantage that misrouted callers have when they call us, is the knowledge we have developped regarding this toll free number and MEGART... Based on our experiences we can direct others victimized to the appropriate source, and help them get their money back quick.So on that note, being that we are the real Secure Account Services, LLC. and since we already have a number of claims and an on going investigation on the crooked companies in question, we can probably assist any readers of these threads with the additional information required to get their money back before it is too late, and stop these crooks once and for all.On a final note, I would like all readers to know that if they have unresolved claims on MEGART, I would love to offer free assistance from our company to help you get your money back, so long as we could add your supporting evidence to our case file!!!Sincerely,Ari Tietolman >>> 1-800-949-4305Secure Account Services,

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