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Recent Comments for 2192067805

Post by Cathy Dougherty,

2192067805 The number calls numerious times a day and I've tried to put the number on my phones blocked list but the call still can come thru - I have no idea how my information was given to this number but I want it to stop -

Post by clint,

219-206-7805 called me after pm - i was on hold for min trying to get the info to report them but was disconnected from hold -

Post by also abused,

2192067805 There is only one thing to do -  Get caller ID and if you do not recognize the name or phone number do not pick up -They are not legitimate so they do not care a wit about the DNC list -And good luck blocking because the info on the caller ID is not where they are calling from -

Post by Jeff Butler,

219-206-7805 Robocall Repeats everyday using different numbers

Post by Guest,

2192067805 Just another telemarketer breaking FCC rules, I wonder if our senator' get these calls? IF they did something would change

Post by Guest,

219-206-7805 Cardholder services

Post by Mohammedc,

2192067805 I got a miss call from -- now

Post by tjtex,

219-206-7805 FTC and FCC COULD find them if they wanted to -  Both of those agencies are jokes -

Post by # Domenico Giammarco Google #,

2192067805 No message # Domenico Giammarco Google # Domenic Giammarco Google

Post by Paul dudek,

219-206-7805 Called, left no message -  Unfortunately my call blocker was not plugged in correctly and wasn't working, otherwise this number would have been blocked -

Post by Feed up,

2192067805 tired of all these calls - The government should act on this invading privacy act - I am on a do not call list - Besides these people should be tracked down and fined big time so they stop calling and harassing people with their scams -

Post by fed up,

219-206-7805 anyone caught scamming in any form, should automatically get the death penalty no matter where on earth they are

Post by B,

2192067805 I didnt recognize the caller ID from Indiana so I did not answer -Tried calling back, message says it is not longer in service -Must be a ROBO call

Post by B,

219-206-7805 annoying calls several times a day - -If I want an alert system I'll get one but not from them  Do not call lists must make these people call even more

Post by Dawn,

2192067805 so tired of unsolisited calls - -It's automated -  How the heck can companies get away with this -  I put my number on the DO NOT CALL registry

Post by tjtex,

219-206-7805 Providers won't do it  They need to be forced by the mostly useless FCC -

Post by Guest,

2192067805 This is a robo call that calls your house daily, six days a week - They say you have been referred, REALLY - You can't speak to anyone to get your number removed from their call list - They should be reported to thye FTPC -

Post by tjtex,

219-206-7805 We all need to hammer congress to force the FCC to do their job -  They have all the agencies of the Federal Government, including NSA, at their disposal and I assure you that they can, if they wanted to, identify and reach out and touch theses guys -If we can't get the Government to to it's job, we need to replace them all from the Whitehouse down -

Post by CHARLES,

2192067805 I have learned not to answer a call that has a or area code - I get from to of these worthless call EVERY DAY From am to pm times - I would like to put these jerks in slow torture machines -

Post by John H.,

219-206-7805 Hello Seniors, due to new health care regulations, you are now eligible to receive a personal medical alert system at no cost to you - Since you've already been referred to by a friend or family member, we have a system waiting to be shipped out to you - Press now to receive your personal medical alert system and by taking advantage today you'll also receive , in grocery saving coupons plus a % prescription discount card - Again, press now to receive your personal medical alert system -

Post by Guest,

2192067805 I get a call a day from this number, for about six months -

Post by Guest,

219-206-7805 Life Alert spam

Post by Hadit Uptohere,

2192067805 I block all calls not on my contacts -  If they want me they can leave a message -

Post by Guest,

219-206-7805 When the phone rings, you answer and they say you can receive a free medical alert - To receive the alert just press - When you press the the phone is immediately disconnected -

Post by sthrnfilly,

2192067805 When you answer, you are letting them know that is an active number and they will keep calling -I never get voice mails, as soon as my voice mail answers, they disconnect -

Post by irritated,

219-206-7805 Free personal medical alert system press to get you package along with (I think it said ) for grocery or medical I waited to see if it had another choice to remove from call list it didn't give one and just disconnectedAlso said I was referred by a family member or friend

Post by jhartline,

2192067805 Got a call on my business cell phone from -- and there was no one, just silence - I'm on the no call list as well -I get these calls frequently and it is usually a different number each time -

Post by Michelle M,

219-206-7805 "My concern is that Do not call registry registration doesn't work for these type of calls -"Well yes, the DNC registry has zero magical power to block calls from scammers -  Common carriers are required by law to connect all calls placed with them -  Legitimate telemarketers abide by the DNC registry, scammers don't - They may be located outside the USA, spoofing their caller ID, and routing their calls through the internet -"They still find me -"They are not necessarily finding you per se, their automated systems may just be calling all the numbers in a block of numbers -  Or they may have acquired one of the MANY phone number lists that are available on the internet -Consider getting a call blocker -

Post by Jon,

2192067805 Phone number -- calls me at least twice a day and no one is on the phone line - My number is a work phone for emergencies so its irraiting when I get calls like this - I tried calling back but the number says not in service -Sometimes the messages says "Hello seniors"

Post by rick,

219-206-7805 Called at least times I have blocked them the FCC  needs to stop this but the Government doesn't know there [***] holes are complete idiots

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